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Implementation of desire and energy

In order for your goals, dreams and desires come true relatively easy, important, not only their truth, but still enough energy.

Dentist in Madison you realize that dream of becoming a fashion designer, designer,

or a lawyer – the true your dream. Or drive around the world, making a trip around the world. Or invent something that will make life easier for many people. But this energy you have left only the minimum needs of life. In this case, about which even the performance of your sincere desire might be?

Once you have decided what you want to achieve, you need to do your level of energy.

Even if at this point you have apathy, depression or a midlife crisis, and you have nothing, absolutely nothing like limo service madison you are not happy, you do more than seek then again, first of all you need to do to your energy level.

For the fulfillment of dreams, and indeed to want something, need a certain amount of energy.

After all, what a lack of energy, depression or frustration of that desire and dreams do not come true? All this has its roots in the absence of human energy. The less energy a person has, the less joy, vitality, desire to set goals, implement and achieve read more.

And vice versa. The more energy, the more a man of faith in the fact that it just reaches. More thirst for life, the desire to set new goals, to acquire new items, professions, reach the unattainable, to conquer the mountain, to the impossible.

Without energy can not move on. Without energy can not be developed further, not to mention the new goals and achieve them, develop, learn new – to move in life.

Let’s see where we take energy to life reappeared thirst, desire to perform and conquer, or at least the desire to go to the nearest park and enjoy the spring sun? Or a desire to learn a new program? Or the desire to think about their new desire!

So, where do human energy goes into and what to do to get it back, then not again rozbazaryty and send the right, constructive?

First, and foremost, it is thought. But not just thoughts and obsession or their problems, or the affairs of other people. Accordingly, the lack of ideas on the theme – how I am grateful for that, even in this, and yet here I realized it, and all this helps me life … and lack of ideas subject their goals and desires. And most importantly not thousands goals and desires, and two or three that did not seem that much like, but can not do because of their huge amount.

But first things first.

The obsession of their problems. Life sort of thing that you want or do not want, but coming periods “problems.” Here And then nothing to do but relax and get these problems in appropriate quantity and volume. Anything to do nothing during these periods, and sometimes even harmful. Especially in such periods should not take any action, and in any case not to start new projects.

In these periods should stop and think about how it’s good that you do is breathe. The joke, of course, but it is the truth. But the main thing that definitely should not do is fall in opinion about how bad you are that Life is not fair, and you have all these sufferings trouble.

This is the first danger that awaits you in life such periods. The more you think about how hard you is bad, the more you feel sorry for yourself, the more energy will go to support you in this state of apathy and frustration.

These periods do not say, and tend to ever end. And no matter how hard the man was, but if it can at this time to control your thoughts and your attitude to life, after the onset of a new period of light, it can recover quickly and do not feel a special energy decline.

So the main thing – to control their thoughts. No means that we should run away from reality and talk – as all good, despite the fact that all bad. But to fall into a sense of self-pity is not necessary. Otherwise you miss the end of the period is not very bright. And then, despite the fact that everything starts to change, you can not adjust to the new reality and miss the time when to sit down, set new goals, to understand what you want out of life on. Start actively move.

Own your thoughts, which are only your management can become a trap for you. Or conversely, if you are in a recession still have not lost their spirit and if not daily, at least every other day, waking up in the morning, thank life for what you have, then these thoughts will help you maintain your energy and do not slip in apathy.

Again. Your energy is very dependent on your thoughts.

What gloomier thoughts, the more you think about how unfair it is, the lower the level of your energy. Which fulfillment of dreams, secrets and recipes for their implementation can say, if all the energy goes to support negative thoughts.

And if you think that the negative or positive thoughts not affect the level of energy and, therefore, desire and thirst for life, to dream, then right now, perform a little exercise.

Sit down and remember the past troubles in your life, think a little bit about … Well, when you have these thoughts were still at least some desire? Or at least the belief that these desires be fulfilled?

So right now, sit back in his chair and start to remember what your life was fulfilled and that good … I’m doing the second exercise almost daily. This is not as hard and long as it might seem at first glance. Because this exercise does not require any particular place or conditions.

You may wish to recall that fulfilled when going to work.
You can think of them when you come back from work to relax and take off the stress of the day.
You may remember their successes and achievements, when almost asleep, in a dream thank life for all.
To not go, I say that this morning I just remembered all the goals that have been achieved over the last few years. And not just remembered and thanked life and received from this process very much. I remembered how I decided to grow hair. Those women who vidroschuvaly hair boyish haircut, well understand that this is a major achievement.

I remembered why learned. Well, and so on. So quickly lean back in his chair, close your eyes and, list at least 3-4 of their recent successes. Think a little longer, remember your feelings when reached its goal ….

opinion on the implementation of desires and dreamily that there is a difference after the first thoughts about how bad things are, and opinions of others, the achievements?

Of course, there is. There was confidence, faith in life and in herself, energy, and, respectively, and the desire to set new goals and achieve them.

So here’s the first secret to increase the level of energy and fulfillment of dreams – manage your thoughts, send them back to where there is energy, not to where it disappears.

The opinions of other people, events …
You can say that as if it’s the same idea, but why did we have identified them separately? You’re right, it is also thought. But if in the first case where we focus on negative events, we will feel the loss of energy in the second we did not even notice that the energy went into these thoughts.

What’s the big deal when after meeting with relatives you have with her husband a couple of days discussing this event? But where discussions there and persistent thoughts about the relatives, plus who and what he said and who did and who, as he thought … It seems it is not negative, but the question is – do they give you energy?

Do not even try to convince himself that such thoughts are useful. Of course, they eat up your time, vitality, consuming energy.

So you thought the day – the second of the life and destiny of others, and even God forbid envy, poplitkuvaly, as they say bones washed, and here are your goals and desires somehow removed, covered with a veil of fog, and a few days you quite forget about yourself. All the talk about why are your distant cousin of Santa Barbara so unlucky, or vice versa … But your thoughts seamlessly switched to a distant relative of your not very close friend whom you have not seen, but it is you IS said IS told … And this is not just a thought the evening you discuss these events with her husband, girlfriend, sister …

Hey, opam’yataytesya, return to themselves, their goals, their desires!

Tell yourself: – Yes, stop, you my thoughts, and I manage you. And let us quickly that there is on our agenda? Where are my desires? Yes, there was the last seems to conquer neighboring galaxy? Since forward boarded! And the fiery hi uncle of former kolezhanky neighborhood!

The same applies to thoughts about world events, events in your city, country, quarter. What gives you these thoughts and discussions? Are they closer to the realization of your goals and desires. Do they make you and surrounding at least a little happier? Do they fill you with energy, a thirst for life, the desire to move on and develop, set new goals and implement them?

Watching television, various media hangs on social networks and forums info.

That’s where the energy goes, so goes. At one time, when my husband and I got married, the first thing we did – rid your TV. And nearly 15 years of devourer and destroyer energy of happiness and joy in our family there. So I have difficult to remember how long we going to watch TV. The only thing about when on holiday or away little we watch TV, there is emptiness, loss of energy and comes absolutely perfect it was made and even apathy. Everything seems useless, life is unpredictable terrible, but at heart there is a sense – Why live at all times so bad. But what is wrong and how to formulate fails.

A couple of days back energy, seen and heard gradually weathered and praise all the heavens, that these moments in our lives are extremely rare.

Watch TV – is not only loss of energy and faith in life, but also the loss of time. At that time, in which many of us it is not enough to have to realize their desire to learn something new. Or just spend time with his family.

All the above said as well for other media.

It is interesting that many do not even realize how much they depend on the TV. Although many say, so we almost did not watch, but rather this box to fail, the people have stress, spoiled the mood … In general, all the signs of addiction.

Ordinary person thinks and lives template, it is difficult to abandon this dependence. But you read these articles, you aspire to something more, you are thinking about where to take energy … So you’re not quite ordinary, average person who thinks templates. Are you human thinking, thinking alive. In general, do yourself a conclusion.

Not important, is the second or higher you go on the fashion courses, cutting and sewing, design … Until we learn, even in those times when something is unclear or seems not prevail against it ever comes to us energy. Training, development of new skills, professions, language – all this increases the energy level inside the person.

While a person is learning while the brain is busy learning new information while it is difficult to learn a new subject, absorb new information at this time produced energy. Often it is mastering something new brings many people with depression and apathy. That study, not antidepressants.

And, of course, learning and mastering new skills conducive to the fulfillment of your goals and desires. Well, that realization of desires can there be if, say, sing your desire and you never before, except family feast, not singing? Of course, you should start learning, or find a teacher or vocal enroll.

Just do not tell me that it is clear and understandable.

Well, not really, of course, but … That’s just no mistake, learn in a direction that is useful in the implementation of your goals and desires.

Proceed. And then success will not keep you long.

The conflict is not a war

Our behavior is based on the assumption that our perception of reality and perception are the same. If someone is confident that he and Alpha Centauri, and therefore persecuted men in black, he looked reasonably according to this idea.

Illusions – a false perception that does not adequate information about the world, that is, all that outside the body. The perception is this interpretation of the outside world, allowing us to act, to survive and to continue living.

Perception questioned when someone authoritative believes that these wrong perceptions reflect reality. If the authority is surrounding society, we talk about the disease and when it is our people, then it is a problem, a conflict. Most people limo service madison the majority rule criterion that really is the external reality. The rule is that most confirm what is true and what is false. Most Europeans believe that the Earth is flat, until he discovered that we can come back from the East sailing westward. And most of this belief does not interfere with live and thrive, as long as … here

In typical conflicts between people are only two options for the truth – his and mine. Often it is not clear whose version is correct. “All will agree with me, ask anyone,” a convinced opponent rarely acknowledge the correctness of our position. Obstinacy in conflict not only allows us to annoy the neighbor, it also infringes on our own interests, causing damage destroys life.

Illusions universal. So we can not claim that they are the result of the presence of psychological problems neighbor. Illusions normal for society, and is probably part of our inheritance mechanism.

In terms of interpersonal conflict illusion show very clearly how we harm ourselves

Our needs are absolutely incompatible, only one of us can win, so the illusion is won-lost. more

Some assures us that conflict provides an opportunity for creative solutions to the problems of cooperation and personal growth. Conflictologists admit – I personally difficult boast many virtues when I was involved in the conflict. At first I react to a conflict situation like the situation winning or losing. My opponent and I insist on different positions, and it seems that the incompatibility of our demands will inevitably favor one of us. But only one of us can be right, but one can get what he wants. Only great difficulty I can imagine that none of us should lose the need to search mutually beneficial solutions. At this point I just did not believe this result possible. The illusion is that the result at which one wins and the other loses, is seen as inevitable, in fact there is an alternative mutually beneficial solutions.

I do not think that this my blindness I am unique. There is no doubt that overcoming illusions won – lost – a very difficult thing. I am afraid that desire a mutually beneficial solution is unknown to most of us. Attempts to teach all people the opportunity to see such a solution is a waste of effort. But not all that bad. Perhaps the illusion won – lost and will dazzle us in our efforts to overcome differences, but fortunately people are also similar in their desire the common good and reasonable mutually beneficial cooperation to overcome the illusion of pure win. read here

The conflict is a direct result of our incompetence, rudeness, envy and a list of other shortcomings. The conflict can be resolved only when we recognize and correct them.

When differences pereboryuyutsya using false reflections, then a certain attitude to the neighbor later is growing and already seems quite undeniable. We tend to think that it is a bad, immoral, depraved, evil. In moments of generosity, we can assume that the behavior neighbor demonstrates his madness and worried, thinking that he was not fully responsible for their actions. Considering the conflict a direct consequence of flaws neighbor, we charge the responsibility for its contribution to the problem. We quiet ourselves, believing that to blame the other person and we only innocent victim.

There is an interesting feature of the illusion of a bad person – it almost always mutual. Each participant of the conflict believe that the full range of other personal shortcomings. Reciprocity this illusion suggests that assumptions about the madness of one of the parties to the conflict, not necessarily true. Confidence is the source of our conflicts inherent in other negative qualities, is a distortion of reality. The conflict shows the difference from us, not the corruption.

Even if we insist that it is bad, a very valuable proposition does not lead to a solution. Because he probably believes in the back and as low value us, he will not accept our findings and agrees with our estimates. Negotiations based on mutual illusions about the poor man, leading to a deadlock.

In protracted conflicts, our enemy, and even self-destructive behavior leads to the fact that the idea of a poor man become like the truth. In times of stress, we can behave abnormally and do bad things. Thus the illusion becomes prophecy realized. But even we behave rude or stupid, we believe that our bad behavior provoked. We insist that such actions not typical for us, at the same time that the other sources of behavior lie in the depths of his personality. It is difficult to consider the behavior of another with understanding.

Thus, the illusion of a bad man is a misconception about the nature of the conflict, and that the behavior of the other explained the corruption or tenderness of his nature. This behavior is not interpreted as a natural reaction to the conflict. Even in the case where the correctness of our vision supports most, such as diagnosis, illusion anyway vile plays a role. And while we all forgive yourself.

Really bad illusion property rights is a fatal human nature, so that makes it impossible to overcome the differences constructively? Fortunately, consciously or unconsciously, among us there are those who left this trap of perception.

understanding of the essence konfliktuKoly we have problems with the boss, wife, neighbor, or reconciliation and cooperation is crucial for our existence, there are especially annoying illusion. Often it seems that the difference between us is so huge, and his character so devoid of virtue, she is evil, and our principles are so incompatible that reconciliation is impossible. Faced with hopelessness, we have to choose between two styles of wrong behavior, minimize and completely avoid communication or mobilize their resources to crack down. Tragically, that limit the possibility of these two variants ineffective, can only lead to an escalation of the conflict, or even more radical solutions than is necessary to divorce, dismissal, etc. Why do we exaggerate the difficulties in fixing the inability to reconcile our positions? Why do not we see opportunities to circumvent this stone? Sometimes, then later begin to guess that it was something to agree that not all grades were adequate and plus, there were several suitable detours. click

Very rarely happens that the interests underlying the conflict really opposed. But even in cases where the interests are incompatible, the very search for compromise are reasonable behavior that can lead this particular situation to another level, or suggest a better way than permanent conflict.

I have this habit

We are living habits, and they make up a large part of our lives. Habit – action habitual, familiar and safe. Automatic behavior that requires no conscious effort or reasoning. People start collecting them (habits) from limo service madison and conscious age acquire the whole bunch.

Habit fall down on the couch after work (watching TV with a friend peremovytys) … overeat (lots of sweet, fried) … postpone his life until Monday … bitchy and rude in response to rudeness … Blaming close their problems … I do not understand themselves and their actions … I do not think, do not analyze, not to judge these things … and not to run away from problems … … moan, complain and do not predict it … worse… more info

Familiar to everyone. Well, there’s also the good habits – you ask – brush your teeth, for example, or going to the gym?

The fact that good skills are no longer useful, once transformed into habitual, automatic behavior. Well, tell me what good that morning, barely prodershy eyes you pletetesya the bathroom to a couple – three times scratch teeth?

Or say training in the gym?

If you come to the gym and perform steadily and automatically the same movement, the muscles gradually get used to the load and stop developing. read

Once the activity is converted to automatic, unconscious behavior – this action ceases to be useful, and habit forming.

Your habit (and also my, our) current reality. The fact that you have today – is the result of your habits. For example, a woman who wants to be slim and graceful, returning home after work as usual flop in a chair, including favorite series automatically puts itself at the cookies, pastries, candies and all tea … click

The one that wants to be healthy, takes handfuls of pills and complains unlucky doctors … and that wants to be loved, controls and annoying, and as usual harkaye to his beloved … and that wants to be respected, continues to run after him , to carry out its quirks habit afraid to lose …

If you are not satisfied with your current reality (health, relationships …) understand the their habits, to what you do automatically every day.

Perhaps some of your habits should cleaning madison pozbuvatysrozproschatys with bad habits, even those that are clearly useless … Ahead looms a dream – seductive slender figure, attracting looks of men, youth and health that help easily and cheerfully go through the garden of life get the most exquisite its fruit – the love and tenderness of the right person – your lover. read more

Your habits always there – loved sweets and cakes, favorite TV and sofa, or your favorite cigarette and beer, a favorite way to clarify the relationship to pain favorite negative thoughts …

They pull you back, Be with us! Stay ..! .. We almost relatives! .. Why do you stir, think, do something?!. Joined good, comfortable, safe …

Someone have a habit … and someone he has habits and fearlessly takes a step towards the dream, then another step, and another … and embodies the dream a reality …

My own naivety

On some say – naive as children. Their views and actions sometimes touched friends, but harming their personal relationships, not to mention professional reputation. Where the source of such behaviors here

– The idea that someone wants to harm me or is likely to deceive, very painful for me, – says the 36- summer Masha. – Perhaps because I myself absolutely trust the people believe in their honesty, as in his own. With age, I had to learn to make amendments to their own naivete, but it is difficult, for example, many colleagues and now I can not boot my work!

– A goodwill naivete and gullibility – explains psychologist. – But these people often hide the unconscious zamyluvanist own helplessness. Man again and again in the role of victim to absolve themselves of responsibility, shifting it to others. That is why the words and actions of a naive man often cause irritation of surrounding or even aggression.

Naivne desire to be loved
Psychologists seek an explanation of such behavior in the analytical theory of relations: Origins naivete may be overly close limo service in Madison between his mother and father. In such a family the wife usually dissolved in men. She believes that only sacrifice keep it a wonderful family. Even if the husband humiliates her, she was out notes.

Such relationships do not involve close contact with the child, it grows in the absence of individual mothers and confidence that it is the best …. As an adult, the child likely will not also ignore the negative features of character of others. read now

– I sincerely believe that between us – true love, and turned a blind eye to the actions of my friend – says the 30 old Catherine. – For the sake of our relationship and I just zmyryalasya sacrifice, though not felt happy. And so it went, until suddenly no partner Catherine left her.

Tip is – Do not rush to comfort companion once again hear his complaint, the victim of his own naivete. On the contrary (not causing guilt), try to bring him to think about what you need to assume at least some responsibility for what is happening to him. You will help him, if you ask precise questions, rather than sympathize with the complaints. Ask, for example, could he do in this situation is something different. Move the conversation humorous direction, along invent behaviors in situations that provoke the manifestations of naivete.

Escape from reality
Adult, looking at the world with eyes wide open, not distinguishing between fantasy and reality, not much different from the child. Keeping a infantile mind, an adult child living in their dreams, stubbornly unwilling to return to earth. 30 – old Olga says: My mother – a man honest and scrupulous – taught me to trust people. Now I can be offended or even disappointed in other people, but I try to remain open to the world, not from people vidhorodzhuyusya not stop trust them. more

naive desire and pohlyadyTse another mechanism naive to treatment may be a manifestation of the unconscious desire to escape from reality, cease to perceive it such as it is possible that a child Olga was subjected to emotional pressure from relatives. And now the naivete protected from possible aggression, easier to seem naive, cleaning madison what is going on than trying to be an adult, ready to answer for their actions.

Naive reaction may consolidate for years, and naive style is handling.
Kate, 26, hudruk: – I try to keep my principles, I know that I speak of friends and colleagues, Kate – good soul. really trying to be open and without a hitch, despite its simplicity lot of suffering. – The Ballet School, where I studied, classmate repeatedly brutally shutkuvaly over me … but it did affect our relationship – still I counsel them and help when they ask me. Still, having gone through a lot of frustration, trying to keep his principles, I found that you need to surround yourself with people who are like me. This position narrowed my circle of communication, but now I feel protected.

How to change your view of the situation, and again suffering from his naivete, you often do not even try to learn from bitter experience. Try to remember when and why you first have to behave naively. Think about how you can change your style of behavior, while developing confidence.

How to treat other people your parents? Are you feeling adult? Focus on your adult personality and answer yourself the following questions. Can I stop believing in what she believed in before? Why am I teaching experience? What qualities should I expect to feel independent person?

A dream and a desire

No wonder folk wisdom says: Many of you will, almost Receive.

– I want to – you begin … And at this point you can already say goodbye to his will.

No, you can make it – and hiking on-net, there’s a full comprehensive site that helps fulfill wishes. They collected all the necessary information – and rituals and magic, and practice, and technology, and prayer. That’s just pray do not, for God’s sake! Better ritual practice, increasing energy. read more

Just imagine Him to whom all these prayers are directed:
– Lord do so to me Bob was – you ask.

– Lord, I want Jack was always just me – pray your rival.

– Lord, deprive me of those limo service in Madison ladies – cries Jack, who also loves, but that another. How do you think, should do good and loving God to quench all?

But how the magic rituals of desires.
Returns to you pryvorozhenyy favorite ritual, sensing a trick, but does not understand what it was. At the heart of both bad – you’re afraid of what will come, it feels invisible web, which subconsciously trying to get out. And in life you will have? more info

You know, when a man lives with another sentence in magic ritual, it can even advance to die to get rid of the spell. But you do not give it a go from you where he may love, rejoice, swim in love. There, where the soul is singing, where it can grow, develop, reveal their potential.

And your “love” – a perpetual fear, in fact, love there and does not smell. All your life, every thought, every action, everything will be poisoned by this fear of losing not hold, miss.

With this in mind visitest fashion shops, hairdressers, with this in mind the steep range at shaping to dizziness to your female energy to build up sitting in meditation, with this thought lie down in bed, portraying of itself passionate tigress, with this in mind you running in the morning in the bathroom to nafarbuvatysya until the favorite and did not wake you in your natural form accidentally saw. click here

Your desire fulfilled. He is your beloved, it will still be next to you. And you with him. Jailer and jailed.

Joy and love what life will bring. Happiness, too. Gradually you to follow all his attributes – wealth, health, success, peace.

This is the essence of desire – for which he fought, and that …

Dream – is another.
It embodied your Divine Soul knowledge about cleaning madison most radiant reality. You are not born, and she knew that, and how. Cherished dream – it’s yours, something from which rejoices and sings soul, causing heart quietly purring and smiling.

mrii other than bazhannyaZdavalosya be that this man such – not rich, not famous, and never realized in life, but you feel good with it easily, happily and freely. Even if the whole world against your love.

Or a job that makes you happy. It seems to be no money it brings, nor popular, but you want it to do. Even if all your relatives need another thing to do, even if your own mind …

Again, it (mind) are not in the business climbs! Take and give him a charge silenced!


After all, who is boss in your house – you or he?

Do not interfere with happiness

You met in the flow of life events is something beautiful, it does not matter – something, magical image or attitude that you have captured its harmony? Pay attention to your reaction, do not you turn away from this image of happiness, do not you sneak phrases: – It is not for me

– I’m not that – I will not ever be – it’s not true, it does not happen? Such settings as barriers to happiness, dreams and ideals.

Catch yourself in these or similar thoughts – a step in the right direction! And this move not forward, not backward – a reversal! Remember situation – something that caught your attention, and how you responded. more

As in the children’s game “freeze”? Whew – stop, remember the image. The next step is best done at bedtime, when the events of the day unfold before our eyes and this episode will be set aside for conscious processing.

You can analyze the cause of false modesty, it can be setup parents critical attitude to himself, comparing himself with more successful friends, etc. Even if the installation source is not opened and you now can do, just make the next step. read

Ask yourself – And I need it? I want this? If deep inside yourself, you will hear a sad pity, or other similar reactions, can be considered the limo service in Madison to your question is affirmative. This is the beginning of the revival of his desire for his happiness.

Happy image and it is – “yes” give you a reference. The next step is to gain gradual work on the image. You smile to it, you like it, you try to imagine yourself in the place in a harmonious relationship with other people or things.

But do not think that everything is so simple that old story forever disappear and radiant future will overshadow you instantly, immediately after the first session. The protective power of our psyche is its stability, which means – inertia. more info

More than once you’ll have to work on the important topic life will provide you with material. Do not be lazy, working on yourself, your happiness is in your hands and will be what you make of it!

I want to tell about a time when silence becomes vital and secrecy. Hide their feelings and dreams. I urge you to become a spy, no.

Imagine the following scenario. You came up with the great idea! You elated and immediately rush to the friends, tell them that and as you do, and how to be good!

Girlfriends support, they also like you just done, and waiting for the implementation of your plans! All very well and nice, but so well begun, the cleaning madison does come to the final. So often.

purpose and desire in life zhinkyIsnuye folk tradition – a pregnant woman does not hurry to say that expecting a baby, of course, very close to know, but not all.

Why hide something that is impossible to hide? In order to prevent the possibility of discussing or somehow affect the life emerging.

When you talk about the idea that still needs nurturing, accumulation of energy careful consideration of details and options, leaking energy. They say that the child must educate.

The idea has not yet had time to take root in your life, gather strength and resources for implementation. And around are beginning to contribute to the project, their energy can be another money and one that does not quite fit into your plan.

Sadly, the idea died, and even when it comes to changing a new, perhaps even more bright and attractive, and not lose next?

I should add that there is an inverse problem – when the idea for too long cherished, added details relegated terms, but it still can not be born. The reason is the opposite – it is not released in time.

We must acknowledge that we have to learn many more things. And last but not least respect for their creativity. By the same ideas. To the future that is based creative ideas that fly to us in light of a miracle. Ideas you, and their proper implementation!

But the time has come forth. Can you wait? What you plan to happen exactly as you expected? click here

This is not a simple issue, especially at a time when many are keen on theories of materialization, which amount to creating a favorable mental image, and promise its implementation.

I will not argue with such methods, it works. But there are some reservations that cast doubt on the desired happiness. For example, if the rendering process continue indefinitely, all work is devalued.

There is a very simple and failsafe mechanism indicator right choice – joy. It occurs as a green light, confirming that all is well and correctly. If what you’re expecting, or something running, simulating the situation will be really useful for you, your soul sends a signal to confirm.

This bell and you should keep rejoicing that wait on that dream. That’s the secret – wait rejoice!

That’s true dream embodied in life. Do not miss this moment of celebration, celebrate victory! But what a moment, not a day a year? On top may be very long if you do not light a new star, did not see the next line. But now you’re here – on top!

Your every desire – first goal, then – way. Already achieved is support, opens new perspectives.

The experience of success, victory, gives confidence and inspire the soul. Look for yourself at this time, and save the image as a reference.

How to choose a goal

Life is fleeting as the flower to the cherry. Flower, its value and purpose. Maybe because she will ever berries. A value of berries, to her … And then someone planted ankle. But that goal in the pits? Grow a tree, or bloom? read more

And when it comes to women’s goals should understand what is the difference between goals, desires and intentions?

Desire is usually caused by something external, that I would like to seize. The desire by external factors, particularly women, can change every minute. Intention – this inner desire to create something or natvoryty. Intent means complete some determination and readiness.

Easy to follow his desire to make life chaotic and follow their intentions gives it order.

Any intention turns into a target when carried cleaning madison specific steps for its implementation.

It is difficult to disagree with that set specific, clearly defined goals, and hard work – it’s a male occupation.

But nowadays a woman that became a man on the way – a very widespread phenomenon. Constantly increasing number of limo service in Madison in positions of responsibility leaders, or women – owners of the business.

Unfortunately, this affected women themselves and, above all, their personal lives, relationships with the opposite sex. I meet many women, successful in all areas except private life.

In every man there are both male and female energy. When a woman performs the male function, then it accordingly generated male energy. It certainly helps to make it a career, but unfortunately, adversely affect the personal life. As any healthy strong man wants to see next to a beautiful, gentle, soft and wise creature. click here

How to choose a target for zhinkyChy mean that all women urgently need to escape from the business and living quietly while away at home, washing, dressing-gatherers, children and embroidery?

When it’s the right time, a woman will have their own, according to their internal needs, make informed choices. For many women feel very comfortable, doing a man’s job.

Still, we came to this earth in female form. And it is important for every woman to discover and develop their feminine essence.

Does your goals and activities of your feminine nature? Do they promote love, tenderness, beauty, grace, sensitivity, wisdom and joy? more

There are plenty of areas targeted specifically at

And most of us – women, given their feminine energy to help this world become pure and harmonious.

Provides alert of women

Anxiety – very painful and requires both senses. She needs time to signal us of approaching danger of a possible complication of the situation. In its normal version of this experience mobilizing gives extra energy to overcome the dangerous situation. more info

The manifestations of this feeling is always painful and excessive.

The person often feels hostility toward others. But according to the norms and moral education is forbidden to show hostility openly. Strong emotions of anger, rage, resentment and deliberately blocked permanently replaced, the energy in them too much, and these charges continue to live … displacement anger generates dentist in madison the same state that is characteristic of anxiety, feelings of helplessness, powerlessness before insurmountable danger, threat … the outside world becomes dark and spooky … and people need more energy and strength to confront this terrible and hostile world. – Just need to control and hard to be ready for almost everything … trying to be friendly, socially adequate despite the situation – and the more he falls into excessive anxiety … and then it is easier to accept the fact that the circle is full of reptiles and bastards. ..

Cleaning Service in Madison here and now wish to alarm perekysaye … Imagine that you get a much dosadzhaye, angers you, excites different – including positive – emotion, but you do not have opportunities manifest now, touch his strong emotion. You can merge and timidly valuable to you in person or ashamed to show him his fortune, or something …

For example: I’d like to call a favorite, but I do know that “good girls should be proud” and the call itself – no! I will endure, check the phone every five minutes, angry with him-this syakoho! – And finally easy to fall into anxiety concerning their significance for him. Or worry about the start – and it’s there? or alive? read info

Each person normally has a certain level of anxiety associated with the fact that life is unpredictable. Anxiety associated with uncertainty and uncertainty tends to easily move into painful. How to do it?

Try not to pay attention to the excessive, disproportionate your “here and now” anxiety is not necessary, not only because it is a waste of limo service in Madison and energy, as well as all further developing the script tale of a white bull.

Certainly better introspection in order to ask – what can I relieve anxiety? What I choose perception of their anxiety in their reactions to it, in his interaction with her?

Am I ready to meet the new experience of life, is the only way to cope with anxiety for me – to plan every detail, to provide all the plot twists, completely abandon spontaneity and act on familiar circuits spent years? click

anxiety in many zhinokChy enough faith in me to an acceptance of the uncertainty of life? Do attempting to avoid anxiety, I exercise every day just one of many options? Maybe once he rescued me? And the consequences of which I so good, well, let basically quite familiar?

But this predictability is quite illusory. After all, life is equally impossible … control defined open system.

So remain alarming. And besides, even boring. You live like in a rut, it is deeper and twist harder. No ups and downs.

So can let it be this anxiety – fresh, spicy, increasingly mobilizing for a meeting with the new?

Problem minorities

During the walk on my favorite places was thrown to the site (usually I just go out on such sites) where my attention initially detained the name of your favorite band and then … then eyes fell on very Fine young man who is dentist in madison for a couple … and she called partner ! Lonely girl in the following points should quietly

let a tear. And I have a stupid question – and this guy … looking guy

And then I asked myself is another – as it probably difficult? I first wondered how hard the representatives of sexual minorities to live in our society, that they not only understand, but also to condemn, but also pursued according to law. We live in a civilized time. Do not think I now do not mean such deviations as rape and seduction of children, namely homosexuality as normal human behavior. read

Is this the norm for modern man, or is it still reject? And as representatives of sex minorities to survive in our society? This is a question with a long history, rich as aggression and tolerance, and to this day it remains open.

Cleaning Service in Madison argue that homosexuality – is not a pathology nor mental disabilities. And the only alternative to the usual standards of conduct. Although medicine is officially recognized normality as if homosexuals are not officially still remained outcasts, the subject of jokes and gossip. Television, parents, teachers, school and university – they repeat – to be homosexual is not just bad – this is unacceptable! Therefore, confess to yourself that you are bad, incredibly difficult. At some time in their lives homosexual himself understands that he attracted to the same sex and can not do anything with it. But not all homosexuals are willing to admit themselves in their trains. Under the limo Madison of society and the inner circle, they go out to suppress a sexual attraction to live such a life is called normal. Such people marry or marry, have children, build a family. And like all nothing. Here are just latent homosexual will always feel that his life is something wrong. He is something lacking, not enough, or it will simply unhappy fate of the one he chose for himself … plus at least one person (wife / husband) will suffer. info

But even if a homosexual himself admitted the fact that he feels the trains to find happiness it is much harder than we are with you. How to find a mate in such a cruel world? A friend told me that between them there is a connection and when are homosexuals, they just know each other.

Buffet and zhinkyAle, say that he had just realized that feels trains. Experience with like-minded with him yet. How then? Feel the vibes? But what is the guarantee that the guy does not get hit in the jaw by his friend, for such thoughts? Because minorities are hiding. Write ad, and learn in-HETE, go to clubs – to get acquainted with his love, say, in the library, it is practically impossible. And then, have found that the only one who wants to spend the rest of his days or even brighten a few years, they have to constantly hide. Because this is not the fullness of relationship that is recognized in the society pairs.

And another problem – to bring relatives and friends that you are normal. In most movies I saw only one model of behavior – when parents learn that their child is not like all – it immediately expelled in disgrace and completely renounced it. Much smaller movies that received him as he is. Although in fact, is it important? Well, lucky son of a man, but it’s nothing to do! Grandchildren? Grandchildren can adopt! If you want your? Nowadays you can find a woman ready to make a baby. What is the problem? And that in relations with parents there is an invisible wall of misunderstanding. And parents, following their beliefs, and opinions on how to react to them society ready to build this wall seriously injure – medicine (Activity psychiatrist) the power to force him to abandon his preference. more

And to survive in society? Sometimes, sipping your favorite coffee, I like noticing a couple immediately talked about his observations to his companion, which sat at the table. Fortunately another finger at them Tikal (or some might). I am now ashamed of his behavior. It behaves well over half the local population. Although that difference to me that these people in the sexual sphere? Well, he prefers a man, so what? Why look to his bed and make the discussion? Do not judge …

I fear that such a couple go about openly in the street, home she would not come. Alas, in my town is a fact. And in the civilized world in general, homosexuals are still exposed to persecution.

So in some countries it is forbidden:

– To be a donor;
– Officially register their relationship;
– To work in certain professions;
Relations prosecuted by law (!).

In general, what can I say, homosexuals can only sympathize.

Life – clearly not sugar.

Fear of loneliness for women

Fear left one – the strongest fear for women. Many women are willing to endure the betrayal of her husband, quarrels with relatives just to not stay alone.

What happens to a woman who feels fear left me? It is suspicious, jealous, trying to earn the love and praise, to prove that she is worthy of love.

Initially, she sought love from their parents. Obedient, well-trained, all agrees with relatives. Usually, it does not own desires and goals, because it does only what is expected of her. Own thoughts either, because there was no need. So many of these women are afraid to express their views out loud, especially if this idea may not like the others. read more

Cleaning Service in Madison such women was devoted to finding the love of parents, then it develops new fear. She always lived parent desires, thoughts, that was approved by mom and dad. Any new thing is the fear ..

Fear appears to act as a direct result of what a child is afraid to disappoint their parents. The more parents to requirements in the dock, the more difficult it truly fulfill themselves in life. That itself, not the parent unfulfilled dreams.

Later in life, women appear people. In most cases, a woman chooses a man who is similar to her father. We unconsciously want to ensure that we are familiar. Then in his own family reproduce a similar situation. click here

As a woman all his previous life trying to earn the love of others, and a new relationship continues to do so. Often people such women are very demanding, so that will always emphasize his superiority, his wife show its shortcomings, it will be eternally unhappy … woman will try to become a better husband to do more, live it matters. She has not found time even to think about yourself. The most offensive word for it, is the word selfish. It is through this word very easily manipulated by this woman.

fear of loneliness poborotyVona women can be very trying. All the time she is on the horizon marytys same dream – I love and I’m not alone. It would seem that even a little effort, and here it is – the long-awaited dentist in madison.

Fear not stay one minute does not leave her. She hears horror stories about that familiar man left the family. From the idea that this could happen to her, she loses peace. And it continues to try harder.

When a woman is young, healthy and full of energy, it is difficult to realize that she herself creates serious problems for the future.

The main problem – raise other consumer self respect.

For such women are treated with the word “give.”

Parents: “Dotsyu, give us …”
Husband: “Wives, give me …”
Children: “Mom, give us …”
Girlfriends “Girlfriends, give me …”
The woman still gives and limo Madison, while there are resources. But when they begin to run out, and she timidly asks for something, the answer is a surprise, or even aggression. No one wants to give her is going. All are accustomed only otrymuvatty.

Someone humbles himself in these women upset and tired look. They drag themselves to all and willing to translate their concerns on their shoulders always enough.

But I write for those women who want another life; for those who want to be loved his wife, not eternal nurse.

Every woman has the opportunity to change, to make life harmonious and relationships – happy. Each.

What does it take to get rid of fear remain the same?

It should be self-improvement, to organize your life.

It’s a way of life based on a sincere love for yourself. And it can be learned, requires only wish! But many women are ashamed even to think about self-love, because it may not like relatives. After they learned that the woman is always ready to forget about themselves, about their needs for them to close.

So think not only close, thinks the woman. How can I deal with them, I have the same children (husband, father, friend, work …) Never! Fear not to be understood forces to leave it at that. more

The main cause of a person fear of loneliness – the lack of genuine parental love and attention in childhood. And the problem returns from generation to generation. If a woman is afraid to remain one, will not solve the problem, then it too will have children. This issue appeared in her life because her parents at the time did not get enough love in the family, protection and respect.

To solve this problem can only love. The inner emptiness can be filled only by yourself and sincerely.