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The first myth: in sleep the brain rests

Night – time marginals

According to some studies, tired people tend to behave unethically and often even immoral. To keep yourself in the bounds of decency, requires mental and volitional efforts so and “owls” and “larks” hard to abide by in the evening, after a hard day’s work, when all the forces at the end. However, “the Owl” tired not only the day but also at night, so that waking up in the morning, they feel even more exhausted and devastated. interior design Madison
Permanent fatigue causes “night residents’ cities to commit various crimes and misdemeanors – every night the streets come out tired but unable to sleep outcasts who painted the walls of houses with obscene words, beat the street lights, reveal mailboxes in doorways and commit more serious offenses.
“Night superpowers”

Surprisingly, those who prefer to stay awake at night, about four o’clock in the morning felt a surge of strength – it is said, some scientific research. Experts believe that the nocturnal surge of energy due to the fact that our distant prehistoric ancestors had to scare off predators or defend against aggressive “guests” from the other tribe. Thus, while everyone else is asleep, “owls” continue to stand on human security guard, even if it seems that there is no need.
Next time, when you see that your colleague in the morning yawns endlessly and can not be involved in the work, do not make fun of them – better go up, shake his hand and say something encouraging, believe me, “owls” deserve. dance studio Madison

The first myth: in sleep the brain rests.

In fact, the brain works with the same intensity as during wakefulness: analyzing the events, check the condition of internal organs and of the possible scenarios in the future. Thus, the rest only the muscles, but the meaning of a dream is not to give them a rest. Its main function – to allow the brain to do all the work, which mentioned above.
The second myth: there are prophetic dreams.

Professor argues that this is nonsense. Incidentally, this is exactly the case when science requires sacrifice – when he recently said about this on the set of a TV show, the ladies were present in the studio almost scored his hefty Dream book. In fact, a man sees in a dream the possible scenarios that works out the brain. Most of them he immediately forgets. How prophetic dream would depend entirely on the analytical abilities of sleep: “Someone has to first page detective guesses who the killer is. And someone had to finish reading the book to the end. ” Therefore wipers “prophetic” dreams dreams rarely and mathematicians – often.
Myth Three: there are people who never sleep. window repair Madison

They say a lot of sleepless among yogis. In fact, science is not aware of any such person ever recorded.

Secrets “owls”, which does not know the “larks”

Cursing, of course, is not good. But anyone noticed a strange phenomenon: if the leg has fallen bricks, and you at the same time firmly swore, the pain seemed to recede As established at the University of British experts Kiely, obscene language, indeed, it can help to carry a lot of pain. cleaning service Madison
It showed the following experience. Volunteers were divided into two groups and asked for forty minutes to lower the hands into the icy water. Half of the subjects were allowed to swear, and the other was ordered to pronounce the one of innocuous phrases. Simultaneously, the centers of the brain activity was measured volunteers and other reactions inherent body.
In the end it turned out that the foul-mouthed able to tolerate a low temperature for 45 seconds longer than the set time, and do not use swear words – only 10 seconds.
– The use of obscene words, promotes the development of the body’s hormones of happiness – endorphins, which act on the body as a painkiller, – summed up the results of the experiment Dr. Richard Stevens.
According to experts, the abuse is used by people for a long time, and it is a universal linguistic phenomenon. dentist Madison It activates areas of the brain associated with emotions in the right hemisphere, while the bulk of linguistic information is processed in the left hemisphere.

Faktrum intends to correct this injustice and dot all the “e” – “Owl” is not just a weird person who moonlight sweeter radiance of a sunny day. “Owl” – the flip side of humanity, they are the real creators, through which came to light many outstanding works of art. Let’s unveil the veil of secrecy enveloping the daily (or more precisely – nightly) life “owls”.
Night is great for creativity

Night hours are great for creativity – this time, when it is possible to plunge into the masterpiece of creation, without fear that the capricious muse spugnёt surprise visit friends or a phone call. Perhaps this is why the “owls” outstanding creative abilities are more common than the “larks”, as evidenced by the results of some studies. For example, the study of the daily routine of famous artists and writers found – many of them were night owls. The creative process is often painful and unsightly, so it’s best to deal with them at night, without prying eyes. Even if you do not mention the really strange and eccentric behavior of some artists during the creation of the works – a simple pronunciation of the material aloud can look the part quite unusual, and the liberated alone with him much easier than even the company of close friends or family. stylist Madison
At night there is nothing to distract from himself

Another reason why the night is convenient to create or engage in any other favorite thing – after midnight life almost stands still. On television are just endless reruns of old TV shows and movies, Internet sites are not updated nearly in social networks are just the same night owls, all the others are asleep.