What to do if lost in the woods?

The first feeling which arises in a person when he got lost in the woods – it’s fear and panic. At this point, the adrenaline in the blood, the brain and completely refuses to think logically. The main thing in this situation not to take hasty action to calm down as soon as possible. So what should you do? Welcome to Our Practice

call the rescue

The first rule – do not move spontaneously! It is best to remain in place. If there is a phone, and catches the connection, call the Ministry of Emergency Situations and one close person (family member). They should be warned not to call too often, because Battery can quickly razryaditsya.Telefon can periodically turn off to save battery.

rescuers phone

How to survive while waiting for help

In the forest is better to abstain from foods that took with them. If there is no rations, that is only familiar to you nuts, berries or mushrooms. Mushrooms need to be sure to eat well cooked in two waters.

To the water in the forest can be reached, as we have said, the paths of animals, as it flows from the foot of the small hillside. Ants and bees live close to the water.

If you did not find the evening, you should think about accommodation. Need to find a place open – better at clearing branches vozvyshennosti.Iz can build a tent, it protects in case of rain. On the ground, place pine branches, they will not freeze. Before it gets dark, dial longer sticks (twigs and sticks), to have enough for the whole night. Kindle the fire, but rather a few small foci. So rescuers will find you in the dark. Around the fire, sprinkle sand to fire did not spread further. Welcome to Downtown Asheville Living The measure also would protect, if you fall asleep next to him. Generally, when you go into the forest, be sure to take it with a set of objects indispensable to their survival (photo below).

If there is no communication with the outside world

If rescue is not possible to call before you go somewhere, look around. Try to remember which side came. Perhaps next to a footpath, a familiar tree, river, stream. If water is flowing nearby, then go for it current, so you can reach out to people. Alternatively, climb the tallest tree and check the area.
It is important to know the path paved not only people, but also zhivotnye.Opredelit who she is laid, it is possible on the tops of the bushes, if they are closed about an adult belt, then it trampled forest dwellers. It can only lead to water.

path out of the woods

Listen carefully to others zvukam.Vozmozhno, heard screams, barking of dogs, the noise of cars, machinery working in the field or train. The last of them can be heard while being away from the object at a distance of 10 km. Try to determine which side they hear, and go in their direction. In the evening, especially increased audibility.

Help may smell in such a situation. If the air is felt smoke, move upwind. Finding your way around is possible by the power lines, it should move him. Sooner or later, they will lead to the settlement.

Notice the trees, pine and birch trees on the north side of the bark is darker than on the south. On the trunks of pine trees, facing south over the resin. A moss and lichen grow thicker on the north. This will help if you know how to navigate by the compass.

kindle a fire in the forest

All of the recommendations in this article increases the chances of survival in the forest, if you get lost. But that did not happen, go hiking with a whistle, a compass and a group of friends or like-minded people.