A happy person

The main thing. Love yourself!

Already many times repeated the world about the importance of self-love, but

all dissatisfied with their lives is not decreasing. So again and again how to love yourself? Let’s start from the beginning ….

Camaya main man in your life – it’s you! Yes, each of us has our cleaning service in madison mother, wife, husband, children. It’s fine. This is not selfishness. Why? Because until you learn to be happy with yourself, your mother, wife, husband, kids will not be happy with you! A happy person is so attractive, joyful, pleasant relations that its very presence is a gift.

The happy man has a rare ability to convey happiness to others. For it is a natural process, how to breathe, so it limo Madison to communicate. I do not care how you look or how to wear, people love you, love, trying to touch, hold near …

Once we begin to love ourselves, we completely automatically begin to love more and more of others. Is not that what everyone wants? Is not it? read

Love yourself – this means treat yourself with love.

This means never allow humiliate yourself.
This means to respect their wishes, thoughts and dreams.
It means to put their interests above the public, then the society will adore you.
Perhaps it is ironic, but this is the real truth.
Love yourself – this means before making important decisions always ask myself, Do you want this? If you experience an unpleasant feeling some tingling, discomfort, in any case, do not do it! Even if it is important. more

How many times convinced – be very attentive to the signals of your heart because it never, never wrong, just let him talk! Put in your heart, stamped truths and excuses.

Trust yourself and your heart and you will always win! Conversely, if you do something really really want, then do it! It was and is important to you. read

That’s right, love yourself so completely trust yourself.

Trusting yourself, you trust the World!
Denying without loving ourselves, we do not love God in himself. Once we understand, realize it, our lives will change. We understand that the joy, love and happiness inherent in us from birth, you only need to mention it. Remember and rejoice that we – also turns out to be important in this strange mystery of life. Important is that we – a piece of the Creator, and this piece includes the universe. We made love and joy and knowledge, and immortality.

Get started now, rather than waiting until later. It is fast, simple and pleasant exercise to improve self-esteem. Tell me – aloud or to yourself if you are going to transport – these powerful words: – I – wonderful manifestation of life. – I – joy for people. – I – a miracle.

Now that the careful cultivation rostochka our new relationship to yourself. In these early stages of development it is most susceptible to outside influence and requires constant attention. As we grow with you? Advance happy for you! We grow strong and robust tree, the branches of which flourish your talents, joy, opportunities and meetings. Just keep the seedlings! info

Never take a disparaging assessments address! In any attacks on your self-confidence respond adequately and in severe cases, tell me about yourself – I – joyful, free and immortal creation!

This will be the first victory. For it will come. And then it will become the norm.

When you love yourself seriously, the victory becomes the norm!
loving yourself and work on developing this condition soboyuDali and expand it. Love your body. Always. And the state of love becomes your second nature. Affectionately call themselves by name. Do not let the offensive comments. In a state of peace. Of course, all this does not mean narcissism, it’s useless.

Love yourself – means constantly working on them. So we have upgraded our world.

This love of life. We became good when we communicate with people and when we are alone. This, incidentally, one of the cornerstones of happiness – the ability to enjoy communion with himself. Will be cause for celebration. Listen to your favorite music, Shake It Up, invite friends and open a bottle of good wine. You have learned to enjoy the very fact of its existence. Ahead of new victories.

It all started with a small rostochka. It was hidden somewhere in the depths of the heart. Now it is growing and will soon become your strength, happiness.

It will be released to the outside world. It’s a real explosion of emotions, happy emotions and, of course, love. Your love will break out. It just can not stay inside. Love – the feeling boundless. You begin to realize that there is something still unprecedented. Become holiday for themselves and, of course, for others.