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The meal – a blessed meal satiety

Modern man trained meal called breakfast, lunch and dinner. In monasteries and among the faithful people of God in the kitchen, in the dining room generally called eating a meal. Why is it so strange call? The table – not just lunch or dinner, is the adoption of any food or drink as a family home or brothers in the monastery. Modern people who do not belong to any religion may wonder: “We also sit down to eat together.” They can answer that differs from the usual meal for lunch.

Table meal, not to talk
Christians, especially Christians, know that the house must be the icon of the Lord and His Mother. Where usually take the food (the kitchen, living room or hall), is a holy end. Steele put so that the head of the family was sitting right in front of images, and other household and guests rozsadzhuyutsya sides. How does the Christian meal? Photos that are below illustrates it in the past (and even present) days of pious families. Master of the house began to pray aloud icons, pre perehrestyvshys that the Lord sanctified food. Others silently listening. Father prayer at the end dawns food and drink Cross. He sits down first.
The meal – a blessed meal satiety
In the past century, almost every child knew that his father – the most important, it is honorable in all, since the first sits down, takes a spoon by him. Of course, the wife or daughter serving a bowl of soup originally it. The table – that’s no reason to talk. Eat everything in silence. After dinner, head of the family gets up from the table and thanks aloud to the Lord and the Mother of God for their food. All relatives and friends and pray. Only the words of gratitude to God can start a conversation, communication.

What is the meaning of the meal?
Why among Christians adopted such rules for dinner? From out this custom? To answer this question we need to look in the Gospel. Before his death, Jesus called the disciples, and they last sat at the common table. He broke bread and told his followers that it will be them in memory of his body. Then he pointed to the cup of wine.
The meal – a memory of Jesus Christ. In today priests prepared the Holy Eucharist in the church in the liturgy, while in communion bread bowl put slices (small bread) and pour wine. At this time, the altar itself God creates miracles. The bread and wine represent the body and blood of the Lord was crucified on the day after the holiday meal took place with the students.
The meal – a blessed meal satiety
Therefore preserved tradition must have bread on the table at home or monastic meal. Christians pray before eating and after that the Lord was present nearby blessed himself dinner. They say that the food is consecrated after the prayer. No disease does not cling to the believers. There are cases where food was spoiled, but people did not get symptoms of poisoning.
Memorial meal
The word “table” – the Greek. It means “food and drink in society.” All people together sit at the table, after praying.
There is a special meal – memorial. When dying Christian, praying for him to 3rd, 9th, 40th days after death. All relatives, friends sit at the table and commemorate the dead. Sorrow Church calls to invite to the table the poor, disadvantaged, that they prayed for novoprestavlenoho. Lord says that He will reward a man who gives his not require anything back. You must be able to give free.

Vegetarian meal – this exclusion from the menu of meat, eggs and milk. These products are called in the Orthodox Skoromny. It is believed that on the table permitted only vegetarian food. In the fasting days can not overeat. It is better to eat a little bit more than perenasytytsya. Many people believe that fasting is only food. It does not. During fasting should beware of chatter, quarrels, irritation, entertainment. Every minute is best done with prayer, including the meal.
Holidays meal
After the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Church urges people to confess their sins and partake Mysteries of Christ, be reconciled to God and to come to paradise. People in turn suited after the confession to the priest, his hands crossed on his chest, called his name and spoon taste a piece of bread and wine, which are the body and blood of Christ. Little children under seven years prychaschayut without confession.
The meal – a blessed meal satiety
In conclusion, it should be noted that the consecrated food can heal spiritually and physically, to give strength, patience. Everyone, for the first time in conscious age took part in the meal, knows how it differs from a regular meal. During this afternoon pious thoughts swarm leaves the head, with no desire to watch TV and argue with family and stomach takes food to good use.

Products, uplifting

Here are some of them
No wonder the British prefer to eat in the morning oatmeal. They have long been intuitively developed this tradition. As it turned out, it gives a boost of energy and vitality, so necessary in the early days. This property is attached to oatmeal slow carbohydrates. cleaning service Madison
Oatmeal kashaMyaso turkey
Cooked in the oven, or simply boiled turkey, not only uplifting, but it also helps to overcome insomnia. Such effects on the body have a substance contained in the meat of the turkey, which are involved in the development of good mood hormone (it turns out that this also exists, called serotonin).
Meat indeykiZelenaya asparagus
Serotonin helps to shape and asparagus. It contains folic acid. Experts know that the substance is able to be responsible for mood and fight depression.
Green spinach sparzhaListya
Leafy vegetables are beneficial to replenish the body with vitamins. Notable among these is the spinach. It has a lot of the same serotonin, which, as mentioned earlier, is a source of good mood. computer repair Madison
Spinach for good nastroeniyaSemena sunflower
Yes, not surprisingly, loved by many sunflower seeds saturate our brains are fatty acids such as Omega 3. They can not just click, have “bubochka” handfuls, but also add to any dish.
Seeds podsolnuhaMidii
Marine products have long been known for their beneficial properties. Mussels are no exception: they are rich in vitamin B12 and minerals necessary to maintain long-term memory. It contains a substance and, uplifting.
Another indispensable gift of the sea – it is an oyster. Why do you think they are considered a delicacy? Not only because the rare, but also because of the content of tyrosine, zinc, which are beneficial to brain function and overall tone. dentist Madison
UstritsyNaturalny yogurt
It is not necessary to convince supporters of a healthy diet, that the best way to replenish the body’s calcium is considered yogurt. Decreasing the level of calcium in humans arises depression and irritability.
Potassium is replenished in the body due to the bananas (of course, not only to them). Its deficiency leads to the mood of oppression and apathy. stylist Madison
This refers to its dark appearance. It has long been known that a piece of this delicacy stimulates the production of endorphins – the hormone of happiness.

Eating, food and Psychology

As the family was the change in diet. Accumulation capacity is only at rocking, that is changing at a constant potential, up to resonance, it provides extra energy so necessary for development. According to the laws of nature, once stopped development begins stagnation, degradation and ultimate destruction. So only with proper nutrition change in family harmony is possible. read more

Yes, it is a necessary but not sufficient condition for prosperity and harmony in the family.

Few facts about nutrition.
On the right is a great family tradition. The girl is already 4 years old wearing an apron and she begins to help around the house, thereby laying the foundations of family well-being.

Women during ripening, very feminine. Therefore, if food prepared in the family youngest sister then men perenasychuyuchys its energy can even get into the zone psychophysiological supermozhlyvostey (Sidhi).

Cleaning Service in Madison has always been closely associated with cooking, often entire silence, with just one emotion – give joy because, for whom this food is intended. Every word spoken in the preparation and eating, working as program enters the body level vibrations. Not coincidentally preserved Russian proverb: “Kohdaya em, I’m deaf Nam.” After cooking, the food must blahoslovlyalasya. info

Food is being prepared at the sound of the falling drop, creaking wagon or car, entering the person slowly kills her. It is no accident today growing number of so-called sudden death without any apparent reason, and young people.

The strongest penetration into the body of words – teams with food. info

The food, like breath, brings a greater flow of qi and supports not only the health of the body, but good spirits. To Qi was healing, there are rules.

We ate only cheerful and free from heavy thoughts condition. Never ate and did not drink while in anger, or in the form of dirt (ritual purity).

man prepares yistyNikoly not eat for pain, with fever, malaise body or mind; or when the heat. You can not eat during and immediately after and before the hard work. We ate slowly and gradually. We ate simple food, and limo Madison on certain products. Ate more raw vegetables, fruits and berries, helpful and cooked vegetables and roasted vegetables.

Drink clean water. Closes overnight dishes of food and a bucket of water to bad climbed. Better yet, if there is only fresh, just made dishes.

Food should be thoroughly chewed. He chews long, the long and lives. When you sit down at the table, remember that food always share and soul of who prepared it. Well, when it invested cooking and share love. The food prepared without love, evil, stupid and greedy man will not go for ever. here

Do not forget that the table where they ate – God’s hand, lead is yourself as befits the table. The food that you eat can be as all around – and medicine and poison. It is necessary to distinguish that poison – no.

What is the best – healing that too – poison. To define this measure allows the internal sense – appetite. Ready to eat even a crust of bread – you can sit at the table. When it is difficult to break away from the chair – is not to care.

Eli always with a sense of gratitude for the granted power. Sometimes the inner gratitude is stronger and schyrishoyu than expressed aloud. It is not always that corresponds speak our thoughts. Thank the same and the one who prepared you food, and most of it. You need to respect both the external world and internal. And Heaven and Earth. Thanks, expressed aloud, reduce our debt, expressed mentally, from the heart, not only reducing debt but also changes the depth of our soul. The views expressed belong outside world, the idea is – home. more