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How to get rid of insomnia and fall asleep quickly

Sometimes a man tormented by insomnia, he could not manage to fall asleep. And the coming day requires full-time commitment … and it will be difficult to carry out without well-being. interior design Madison How to learn to overcome insomnia and fall asleep quickly?

Specialists involved in the study of human sleep, argue that it is necessary to act in two directions:

identify and get rid of that prevents falling asleep,
to include in their lives and focus on what contributes to the rapid fall asleep.
It is important to follow both the first and second group of secrets, otherwise the result may not be achieved.

What not to do before going to bed
Dream occurs when brain cells are in a braking state. On the contrary, their excessive activity provokes a lack of sleep. limo service Madison Therefore, it is necessary to avoid that stimulates the cells.

Firstly, drink coffee or overnight strong tea. This council is well known to many, but not all follow him. Even one cup of caffeinated drunk to prolong the evening performance, can lead to insomnia.
Secondly, to smoke a last cigarette for 2-4 hours before bedtime.
Third, do not drink alcohol during the period preceding sleep. Alcoholic drinks are strong stimulants.
Fourth, stop viewing at night disturbing psyche of news, movies, disputes books. For them, the best time of day to withdraw.
Fifth, to calm the stomach, who asks for help. To not eat just before going to bed, you can have a cup of heated milk or a glass of plain water. So you cheat arisen desire to eat.
Sixth, to exclude all external stimuli, which include: Grilled light flickering computer lights, smells and sounds annoying. dance studio Madison
What will help sleep
1. Sometimes a lack of sleep does not fatigue. Sitting behind the monitor, you tense up only their brains, the body remains motionless. Therefore, you should not neglect exercise. But not before bedtime – it is better to move actively in the five hours before bedtime. The most the best option for a successful sleep will be a walk in the fresh air. Physical work for the family, too, will benefit health.

2. Another way to fall asleep quickly – prior sleep deprivation. Elementary lack of sleep will lead to the complete exhaustion, and REM sleep is assured.

3. For the ability to rapidly respond sleep some vitamins and acids in our body. For example, the amino acid tryptophan, or vitamin C. They can be purchased in pharmacies and taken before bedtime. spa service Madison

4. Frequent disruption to the onset of sleep is thought Grooving. Psychologists advise to learn not to focus on every single thought, and let them flow on the slide. Let them float by … To do this, it is desirable to acquire autogenous training.

Here are some exercises:

Feel your big toe, first on the right, then on the left. Warm or cold it? Which one is hotter? Then proceed to the comparison of experiences of other fingers in turn. Continue to collate the heel of the foot, ankle and on. Tired of the day a man “stopped” even on the fingers.
waking up in the night and did not fall asleep, get up and walk like a bear: relax the body and rolling from side to side. oscillation waves are usually ubayukivayusche.
And what methods of REM sleep are known to you? window repair Madison