Choice Of Line Thickness

When choosing a fishing line to a fishing rod flywheel must first imagine what are the different types of equipment The line is different: structure: monofilament (single-stranded), or woven, severity level: the ability to elastically stretchable, thick. To float gear should be chosen only monofilnuyuu. Since the centrifugal rod involves fishing with a float, the problem of selecting the structure of the fishing line is not necessary. The thickness and the same level of hardness depends on the fishing conditions and the estimated weight of fish, and therefore may vary for each individual case.

choice of line for centrifugal rods

Choice of line thickness
To determine this indicator, you need to correctly identify the expected load and especially fishing rod flywheel. Overly thick fishing line will be inconvenient for many reasons bival. From the transverse profile depends on its sail. The thicker the line will be harder to attribute the wind together with the float from the place where you are supposed to wait for fish. The thick line does not allow the use of light-sensitive snap. Thin is easier to pull, and because it is easier to build ogruzok using sinkers of various weights and sizes. It is less noticeable, it does not scare the fish in low fish.

Accounting for mass fish
One of the factors the selection of line thickness is estimated mass of fish. However, we must understand that in the water the fish weighs significantly less. Fish resists when playing five times more than its weight in the water body. Taking into account the amendments to fish weighing 1.5 kg should be considered that the maximum resistance that it will be not more than 1 kilogram;). But as the fish jerks resists, the flexible rod is able to offset these shocks. As a result, the load on the line when playing polutorakilogrammovoy fish will not exceed 0.7-0.8 kg. Better yet, use the landing net and apply a thin fishing line, than to try to catch unruly stiff as wire.

The rigidity of the fishing line
In the context of strong currents make better use of the line of medium hardness. In this case, it will be possible to provide better manageability float receive comfort when hooking fish. To calm waters will be more suitable scaffold softer. We should not forget that changes its elasticity nylon from moisture, and is wound after fishing, you should do a little tolerance. Otherwise, dries, the line may even break the plastic reel