Curious case of dismissal

Objectionable to workers laid off by the slightest tucked reason. Tardiness is not just the work done or a bad report – it is commonplace. But there are cases where employers show resourcefulness, to dismiss his employee. And the reason for the dismissal and did not have to come up for some employees. pet grooming Madison

Examples curious cases of dismissal from work
1. The two friends worked on the tape transporting carcasses of chickens at the poultry farm for subsequent packaging. Neskuchny friends once got a dead vulture. They put it together with chicken calves, and sent to the packing station, hoping to please potential buyers. It put revealed quickly. Imprudent act has caused not only the end of the career of young comedians, but also led to a compulsion to disinfect the entire room.

2. In a small barbershop young a specialist has worked for several months. As soon as she switched the radio to another station, he was immediately dismissed. cleaning service Madison That did not like the owners – worker initiative or music – is unknown. The decision was taken on the same day.

3. Laugh at your customers – not only sin, but also a possible cause of losing their jobs. One of the workers engaged in renovation of apartments for the US military, laughed when came to inspect the apartment General stretched out on the slippery floor. Laughing heartily, who could not help repairman, he was the reason for his dismissal. What he does not regret, because, in his words, healthy laughter, he extended his life.

4. industrial automation manager brought the whole enterprise work to the absolute automation. When the authorities began to think what to do next, it has come to the conclusion that the zealous manager to offer to resign – he just nothing else to do. computer repair Madison

5. During his leave the boss asked the employee to send parcels every day to a certain client. Employee diligently performed the task. ¬†After returning from the holiday boss I was horrified: it was the employee must send a “microfilm,” which he did. As a result – the deprivation of his work.

6. The search for a more comfortable working conditions sometimes end in tears. By working in the same enterprise, the employee found a newspaper ad for the same specialty, but with the best conditions. He sent to the specified mailbox at your resume. A few days later I was summoned to the chief’s office, who invited him to look for a more comfortable work elsewhere. It turns out that this position put their company. dentist Madison Coda also proposed the creation of an employee he described in the ad conditions, it would not listen.

7. Eating a pizza left pieces can also lead to dismissal. One manager saw that afternoon on the desk staff left pieces of pizza. In order not to waste good, he decided to eat them – anyway because emissions. It turned out that these pieces of the staff left to then take them home. The manager was called on the carpet and the authorities received an offer to resign.

8. The status of social networks are sometimes becomes a reason for dismissal. So one of the workers wrote a campaign during working hours in their status “bored at work”. It read her boss, who was considered a friend. He offered to stop the slave bored and go in search of a fun job. stylist Madison

So we sometimes are not deliberate acts, can put an end to our future careers.