Fishing Games

It is well known that weather conditions, such as atmospheric pressure, precipitation, wind strength and direction greatly affect the activity of the fish feed. Also fishermen attributed the importance of the moon phases, allegedly affecting the fish biting. However, it always it is necessary to pay attention to? In this article, we’ll discuss the bream activity under different weather conditions, what the most successful seasons for such fishing and the need to know about it.

White bream in spring
With the arrival of spring, when the water is still not warmed to fishing should choose warm windless normal atmospheric pressure. The most suitable wind direction – south or south-west. The most favorable place for fishing will become a place in which the wind blows away the already slightly warmed water. It will be sufficient depth of 2-4 meters, and the moon phase (if you believe that smile) should be selected growing. Time for fishing is better to choose the morning, the water in the reservoir should not be troubled. Avoid in the first place to cloudy weather and not to try to catch bream in the shallows.

Summer bream
In summer, with concomitant south or south-west wind bream coming to the shore. Thus, the fish chooses the areas in the pond, with the most suitable to her oxygen conditions. Trying to catch bream in the summer at a depth of less than 2 meters it is not necessary. As for precipitation, it should be noted, that this fish likes to intermittent rain, which refreshes the body of water during prolonged heat. However, the constant rain and cloudy weather may not be a plus in our fishing hunting bival. In the case, when the weather was hot for a long time, white bream feeding activity increases significantly.

Weak Activity
Beginning in the late summer and autumn, white bream are favored and gradually goes into the pits, where he spent the whole winter. In such a period, as in winter, the best conditions for fishing will be warm and sunny weather with a gentle breeze. fishing depth can be from up to 6 meters. An indication that the fish at a depth lain down, will reduce the amount of water plants and water increase transparency. Lunar phases affect the bite slightly (at least, a direct correlation has not been proven). The most disadvantaged months for catching bream is October and November. In winter, the best time pervoledya in warm weather with low air pressure.