Fishing In the Reservoir

Not a problem to drive 150 km from Minsk? Looking for a place where the fish hook unbend? Then you here, in the area of Luban, on the river Oressa.

Full set of river herbivores and predators: pike, carp, bream, catfish, carp. Less – asp. And also comes tench, perch and carp. Many of roach, bream, silver bream, bleak, gudgeon zhivtsovogo, and so on.

In the spring
For Luban dam reservoir on the river in mid-March, more water is low, because last winter was snowy. Spring began with bezrybitsy, complain about the forum. Timid hope remains on the bypass channel from the last Tali, from the reservoir. But nature takes its, carp and plotting their merrymaking, almost on their tails on the water slide in the warm days of April. In May and early June, almost rassvetёt, and up to seven in the morning near the Old Jurkovic advise on the steep bank on the pits walk bival. A very catchability Creek put on a permanent allowance. Should there be a lot of fish, and white on the maggots and toothed on the worm or fish bait.

In summer
In August, the “secret throughout the world,” reported that the bream ordered long day’s menu of worms beams. However, with the proviso that throw was a distant. Poklёvki happen so evil that God give time to let go of the clutch. Otherwise, the lead – in shreds. And around the grace – the water is clear or light brilliant green, does not prevent catching on the feeder. On a river like Oressa, absent from the feeder, even for 10 minutes, not advised. Maybe the bell and hear, but only just. Hook has or straighten, or torn.

River OPEC

In the autumn
Attention to those who know the road to the village Gorodyachitsy that lies behind the old Jurkovic, then travel through the village commune. Passed rumor that there Oressa on the river, catch a chub. In the area of Luban it could not be found. When in September the weather is chilly and the water is turbid, it’s time to put on a pike lure toxic coloring. If in October the weather is clear and the water is high and clear (on Oressa meyats a month is not necessary), it will not prevent the persistence – try different lures rrussian. Maybe you’re lucky wiring foam rubber jig. It brought some success, stated in one of the reports.

in winter
In December, more floating ice floes. And in early February following Lubań has a free coastal fishing on open water. Between these two terms there is no ice in the report for two years. Riddle. In December, some even caught on the rubber bait – spiders, worms. But the main result is due to a large shrimp. Recommend hang with it at the very bottom, and barely get a move on with pauses. Among the landmarks on February carp semolina from the boat station Verhutino village zhivtsovuyu pike bait from a boat in the stream near the dam.