Happiness is always there

Do you think it surprising that people want to be happy? Happiness – the normal state of any man. But unfortunately, this is not a tablet you swallow – and ready. The question of how to make yourself happy,

and that is it – is dug.

No one embarks on a quest misfortune known cleaning service in madison┬áreinforced by daily practice. This sarcasm? This truism is resistance, but let’s look more closely.

Imagine that you have certain expectations regarding some event or person. And suddenly all wrong, forecasts do not come true. What’s going on with you emotionally? Irritation, resentment, anger, hopelessness … More concentration is on this negative, it has long been a familiar reaction. And many even enjoys constant search dentist Madison. And then it easily becomes a habit. But there comes a time when a person stops looking at your surroundings and says – Enough weary! I want to be happy!

And then what? And then the question arises – how to achieve this?
Suppose the question arose. And what happens in most cases? Man looking for another book or training that reveal the limo Madison of happiness. The more a person learns, the better she becomes an expert in matters of happiness, but for some reason they are not becoming happier. Ever wonder why that is? Why no book, no training does not make us happier?

Actually there is – reading another book about happiness, one at a time is transferred to another world where it seems a happy, where she thinks strictly positive, which is ok, and all those she represents, but how far the world of reality. But back to reality, completely forgetting about the need for positive thinking, and which should lead to happiness. Other tactics, techniques, as it turns out, too, for some reason do not work. Goals scored clever ideas. Everyone knows how to generously share it with your friends. read now

Easy reading – a waste of time and a tablet, which we all expect, but somehow that does not make us happy in our lives any changes. Information not pass in quality, it only talks about quality – to talk about joy and being joyful – two different things, though close.

And some hope for the next savior who will come and solve all problems together. That would be my favorite, and I’ll be happy. That was going to training (to quack, a psychologist), hear important secrets, and then be happy. Someone … But that someone can only be himself. more info

And sometimes, we wait for a savior, and he comes and says that in order to be happy, you must first understand yourself – who you are and what you want really. And here once – oh, no, I had it so hard, I have a bunch of cases, and in general I’m so busy. I want to be happy, but you can so that I myself for that nothing should be done? And yet, some simple recipe, well, like “lose weight with a belt, shod and forget” such a pill, that itself is made. No? Well, I still wait, look.

And, oddly enough, that someone will come up and say – my hire 21, 33, 44, 55 something there, I will give you a pill you swallow it down it – and be happy. Lazy running, it will not harm any money, just to do nothing. Paid, but did not become happy. A further outrage – and you promised me away! And the answer – so you do everything that there is in the manual says, the drug tested in a clinical setting. Again disappointment – cheated, hurt, promised that nothing else to do …

It’s like advertising anti-wrinkle cream – anoint, and all the wrinkles disappear. They have heard fled, bought, waiting for the result, but it – no. If you face the skin has not looked not cleaned, not fed, not volozhyly it is not anti-wrinkle cream does not help. Only this advertising do not say anything, just offer …

Yet, how could you not resist, happiness begins with the liberation from the illusions of yourself. Learn the truth about themselves – not always very nice, but the only way to happiness. Look at your life and recognize that all attempts to change others give results, but not the one you want, and not there.

Think if you do not feel happiness in yourself, if you’re bored and bad with himself, then how can you be fine with someone else? Who, besides yourself, for your one and only man? Did not want to meet with them closer?

be happy zhinkoyuVas feared that you can see in yourself? Yes, you zakryyetesya of itself, but is zahovayetes of those around you? You think if you do not want to see something in yourself, then no one else can see? It does not. Your opinion of yourself and others thought the same about you, as if you yourself are not cheated, as if you yourself are not cherished illusions. Do not believe me? Check – ask their relatives and friends as they see you, but without the game of flattery. As they say, your wife will tell you for free that will say any psychologist for big money. But the good news is that the respondents see the dignity that you notice in yourself, believing it itself.

To check how you perceive around, drag in a game (for security through unprofessional) various tests. Estimated range of topics – energy. – Persistence in achieving goals. – Attention to detail. – Self. – Initiative. – A creative approach to life. – Resistance to stress. – The ability to manage your time. – Personal organization. – The balance between work and personal life. – Balance in communication. – Ability to constructively criticize. – Autonomy. – Skills in conflict situations. – The ability to speak in public. – Ability to build harmonious relationships with friends and family. – The ability to hear. – Recognize mistakes. – The ability to listen. – The ability to develop friendships. – Determination. – The ability to inspire people. more

– The ability to take risks. – The ability to make decisions. – Sincerity. – Ability to analyze problems. – Credibility. – Self-confidence. – The ability for empathy.

Playing the game, but hang courage, self-audit and sincerely spend all your so-called advantages and disadvantages.

It was only after a fair analysis, ask the question – what prevents me to be happy and I need to do for this? Over what qualities and skills I need to work.

Look at the qualities that are highly appreciated you know. Ask yourself – how can I use them to feel happier?

Watch for his honesty – good piece of work in the future.

Just search for pills.

Most fill your life with joy, change their behavior. Sincerity in this way make clear light of joy immediately notice all that surrounds you, then you are.