How to choose a goal

Life is fleeting as the flower to the cherry. Flower, its value and purpose. Maybe because she will ever berries. A value of berries, to her … And then someone planted ankle. But that goal in the pits? Grow a tree, or bloom? read more

And when it comes to women’s goals should understand what is the difference between goals, desires and intentions?

Desire is usually caused by something external, that I would like to seize. The desire by external factors, particularly women, can change every minute. Intention – this inner desire to create something or natvoryty. Intent means complete some determination and readiness.

Easy to follow his desire to make life chaotic and follow their intentions gives it order.

Any intention turns into a target when carried cleaning madison specific steps for its implementation.

It is difficult to disagree with that set specific, clearly defined goals, and hard work – it’s a male occupation.

But nowadays a woman that became a man on the way – a very widespread phenomenon. Constantly increasing number of limo service in Madison in positions of responsibility leaders, or women – owners of the business.

Unfortunately, this affected women themselves and, above all, their personal lives, relationships with the opposite sex. I meet many women, successful in all areas except private life.

In every man there are both male and female energy. When a woman performs the male function, then it accordingly generated male energy. It certainly helps to make it a career, but unfortunately, adversely affect the personal life. As any healthy strong man wants to see next to a beautiful, gentle, soft and wise creature. click here

How to choose a target for zhinkyChy mean that all women urgently need to escape from the business and living quietly while away at home, washing, dressing-gatherers, children and embroidery?

When it’s the right time, a woman will have their own, according to their internal needs, make informed choices. For many women feel very comfortable, doing a man’s job.

Still, we came to this earth in female form. And it is important for every woman to discover and develop their feminine essence.

Does your goals and activities of your feminine nature? Do they promote love, tenderness, beauty, grace, sensitivity, wisdom and joy? more

There are plenty of areas targeted specifically at

And most of us – women, given their feminine energy to help this world become pure and harmonious.