How to develop the feminine – meditation on the disclosure of femininity

And then they were not afraid to be alone, because the environment these women will always be there real men After femininity – a beautiful background that highlights their courage.

Is it possible to learn the secrets of femininity, it is given by nature or need to develop? Definitely answer to this question is impossible. Someone really generously endowed with this gift from birth, and someone has it in small steps. In the latter case, it can and should develop. To know how to develop the femininity is not required any special training, which means that any woman fully able to wake his nature. click here

One of the popular methods of disclosure femininity is meditation. It will help to understand the deep mysteries of femininity and unleash your inner world, teach a fresh look at their mission and help change reality.

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Any meditation should begin primarily with relaxation. This will remove all settings that prevent break into your inner peace, shelter and love in your soul. For relaxation you can use any method. For example, rapid method of influence on active points.

Close your eyes and focus on breathing. For inspiration in you is all positive and negative (anxiety, tension) is you exhale.

Move your attention to the toes. Inhale-exhale. For inspiration you filled with love, understanding, exhale tension leave negative setup.

Go to the ankles: Breath – awareness, breath voltage. The limbs like legs dissolve.

Colin: Inhale-exhale with the same attitudes of love and understanding.

How to develop the feminine – meditation on the disclosure of femininity
Attention turns to the genitals, again inhale-exhale dissolves and the area. Then spend the same job with the anus, wrists, navel, elbows, stomach, heart, shoulders, neck, lips, tip of the nose, the point between the eyebrows, dentist Madison.

Every time focusing on one of these areas, you should release her from anxieties, blocks and filled with love, knowledge, feeling as though this area is dissolved. Complete relaxation area must springs, imagining that on him revealed big beautiful flower, all the problems are before your mind’s eye forever leaving you.

In the heart settle freedom, lightness, as if you are full of light.

Think of five to one, and on account of “one” imagine that you descend down the stairs. Here is the door that you open and log into your inner world. Observe those around you than filled the space. Perhaps this is a place where you always limo service in Madison to be. Rozmistytesya it comfortably. Maybe you lie on warm sand beautiful beach or on the emerald grass of the lawn. Listen to the sounds around, try to feel the smells, touches of grass and sand to the skin.

Then again return to its springs, on which large open tysyachelepestkovyy lotus. Imagine if through the body from neck to crotch passed the crystal-clear channel. For your body spreads divine energy filling every cell of it, and you open up unknown worlds.

Learning each time to relax in this way, you will feel the strength and desire to feel their femininity, manage it.

How to develop the femininity

Next to eradicate a manly features – the main enemy of femininity. This can be done in stages.

1. Learn basic skills to build relationships with men

Try to play different situations. In some ways you can show yourself whimsical capricious girl, something – calculating businesswoman, but certainly carries a symbol of femininity – smooth motion, smile. Use your knowledge of the reality of managing using them men. Thus, we can not only win the sympathy of the opposite sex, but again fall in love a man.

2. Control your emotions

How to develop the feminine – meditation on the disclosure of femininity
Anger, resentment, hatred and other negative feelings hard coating may settle on your body, the muscles, which is manifested in the loss of plasticity, rough course, stoop. Embark on a fitness club. Aerobics, Pilates, belledans, Dance help you release tension in the muscles, produce grace, smoothness of movement. Try to go often to the theater, to concerts, to museums. beauty in USA

3. Femininity around

Do not forget that requires disclosure of femininity in all its manifestations, including exterior. Dress with style, emphasizing the dignity of the figure. Do not forget that you are a woman, even a dressing gown or a T-shirt her husband from sleep in the morning or in the country, prosapuyuchy beds.

The art of being feminine


Of course, in the closet of a modern woman is always a place and pants, and a business shirt, krossovkam and even ties, but these garments should not take a leading role. Your clothes – skirts, dresses, lace underwear, high heels. read here

Conduct an experiment: Buy a set of expensive silk underwear and slowly wear it on yourself in the mirror. Feel like silk pleased falls on the body as beautifully highlights
Now put on over the stockings is elegant dress pins. Like it? Still, from the mirror you certainly looks real woman – fashionable, stylish, sexy, confident. Try this daily stress. Even if the office you have to come in a boring pantsuit, revive his scarf, beautiful bags, jewelry, etc.


If you want to be perceived as a woman behave like a woman. In a conversation with men, even if you occupy the position of director of the bank, always be soft, flexible. Do not forget to smile temptation to thank not only in words, but look. You will see how fast will run your demands and requests.

Remember, coquetry and flirting can be much more effective weapon than the imperative tone.