How to find happiness?

Almost everyone in the world aspires to be happy. This way everyone has his own, and fortunately we each his own. Some see it as a career, someone – in his own successful business, someone – the loved ones and dentist Madison.

Achieving happiness many people seem simple and easy. What really has something here Impossible? Want to be happy – be them. In fact, the way this difficult and complex. And the complexity of it is that science learning how to be happy, and be taken to understand the many conditions which ultimately lead to happiness. read more

To pass the way of understanding the luck to start is still to learn what it is and what it can be.

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Happiness – the concept of stretch, and as mentioned everyone – his own. But sociologists still divided happiness into four conventional type. It is worth noting that three of them – “false” false. However, despite this, it is their own craves most people.

So, what kinds of shared happiness?

1. Emotional

As the name implies, this type of happiness arises from perceptions of the world through the prism of emotions, unique “rose-colored glasses.” In fact, this self-deception, an attempt to wishful thinking, to live among illusions. limo Madison living emotional happiness, just accept all the good and positive, try to get him as much as possible and at the same time carefully avoiding negative, negative. They are tied to such a state of mind, and eventually his own hands destroying everything around them – from family to health careers.

Typically, this type is often susceptible women, especially those who at one time did not receive proper spiritual and intellectual development. The danger of this kind of illusory happiness lies in the fact that they are trying to convey him and his family, children and thereby condemning in advance and their commitment to illusions.

2. Rational, logical, or intellectual

Living concepts used to this kind of happiness based on their feelings on logic and rational perception of the world. They are guided around only benefit and most concerned with good education, career, high social position and wealth. business directory

However, working alone to achieve all this, they often achieve their goals. But at what cost? In developing their intelligence, they suppress emotions, experiences, feelings, and as a result it leads to nervous exhaustion, painful attachment to the benefits gained. And very often to relieve acute nerves, people resort to alcohol or even drugs.

Often this type of happiness living men, but it is much worse impact on women. Latest become too rigid, cold, selfish. click

3. Religious

Lifestyle, which gives a sense of the kind of happiness, often tells the full impact of any kind of religion, respect for all its dogmas and canons. Often leads to fanaticism, which is clearly not the best way affects relationships with others.

4. Wise

Finally, perhaps the most perfect of all types of happiness. Unfortunately, finding it a bit, because it is necessary that the intellect and spiritual development answered each other, were at a high, level. Wise type of happiness beneficial effect on everything that surrounds family, career, communication. And without any interference man always gets what he wants.

How to find happiness?
How to be happy?

Of course, be happy – is a science and a tremendous work on himself. And like any job, there are important spirit, determination and desire to change. If all this is present, it means that achieving happiness is possible. And as a “cheat sheet” some valuable tips on how to be happy.

1. Criteria happiness

Define what you mean “be happy.” Select several criteria and characteristics of your concept of happiness in order to understand when it comes. And the more options you’ll find, the easier you will reach your goal. Try playing in happiness, giving it color, taste, smell, put yourself in the gaming zone “I am happy” and see how you will be in this sense.

2. What brings you joy

Make a list of things or feelings that bring you pleasure, and they inhabited their world. Perhaps this will be the joy of communication with best friends or favorite food, or watching movies. Look at that, you can make and get down to business.

Zviryaytesya the list, make it something new or, striking out what is already achieved. Also notes the emotions and feelings of the committed. Perhaps some things you deliver joy and a sense of wings behind the back, and some cause boredom and sadness. Do not get stuck on what could not be achieved without worry of failure. It is better to postpone the matter aside, perhaps it will afford later.

3. Live today

Happiness is a state where you can be alone here and now, without transferring it to another time. So listen sensitively to their

How to find happiness?
daily thoughts, emotions, because if you make happy today, nothing, it is unlikely this will happen tomorrow. Do not run from negative emotions, rage, anger, regret, resentment, but does not let you sharpen despondency years, let the positive in life, joy, optimism. Connect with positive minded people who have achieved success in life.

4. I can and I want

General guide in life that you can and want to do, be prepared for the fulfillment of their desires. Please revisit our list of criteria of happiness and what you want to achieve. Are you ready to translate their desires in life and achieve happiness? For you no one will, and hence learn, achieve, build their happiness with their hands.

Optional start doing something of great things, for starters, you can set ourselves modest goals that are guaranteed to be made by you. The success of what you were able to implement even a small desire motivates you to conquer new, more volume tasks. Some tips on this subject can be found in the article – How to succeed in life.

5. Love yourself

Learn to accept yourself the way you really are. Happiness is not based on the fact of who you will become in the future, but the fact that you are today, now. Do not decorate themselves, but do not deprive existing advantages. Write down on a sheet of his negative qualities and try to eradicate them gradually replacing every advantage. Never compare yourself with others, not envy their qualities and not blamed for any shortcomings. more

6. Stay on the move

Fill your life maximum of interesting activities, develops several activities, hobbies wind. According to research, a person does not get real satisfaction or the joy of just one activity or complete inactivity. Dreams that the work never really baseless and no good does not. In each of his classes try to succeed.

7. Do not make happiness your prize fight him

Achieving happiness – is not the final step in receiving something, do not lower hands, because after a while you realize that pleasant emotions derived from the ownership evaporated. Try to enjoy the constant achievement of the set goals, completing one, ask others.

8. Enter in your life tradition

A truly happy you can do something that is fun only you – for example, walk in solitude, meditation at sunrise or keeping a diary, which could be record occurred one day event that brought you the sincere joy and satisfaction .

9. Take care of your health

Our physical body is inextricably linked with consciousness. How to be happy, for example, if you are sick? Disease absorbs all the attention, is the subject of daily conversation and there can be no happiness. So take care of their own health, eliminate the least, even the most minor ailments. Try to sleep well, get exercise, control your diet. Also, pay attention to their appearance. Can a person with ever unwashed hair, dirty nails feel happiness, looking in the mirror?

10. Imagine yourself in old age

Mind’s eye go through their lives, evaluate it and give practical advice a young, just starting to live. Rate your experience, pay attention to the lessons your life? What is important for the formation of your personality that event left an indelible mark on the soul? This method allows a lot to understand, to understand some controversial moments.