How to succeed in life? To set yourself up for success by using sleep

It is a dream, especially physical condition, we can “communicate” with our subconscious and even “lay” a new program of their own destiny, more successful and positive. To know how to set yourself up for success, you need to learn how to create dreams. Make it easy, but it is real. And come to the aid of our advice.

How to succeed in life through dreams

relaxes the body

The most important thing in preparing for the dreams, which are going to make any programs, learn to relax. This can be done in several stages. dentist Miami

Organize your thoughts and feelings

In the evening, 3-4 hours before bedtime, will shape all of your feelings, thoughts and emotions. Calm down, flip irritation, fatigue and nervousness, gathered for a day, learn to forgive. If not, and you will, that is, on edge, better postpone this procedure the next dentist Madison.

trying to relax

Turn off the computer, TV, lie down and read a calm relaxing literature. You can listen to classical music (you already know how to influence people with your voice, the same goes for the music it affects your subconscious) or just go for a walk. You can just lie down, relax the whole body and think of something pleasant, positive. By the way, do not and late supper – The best do it for 3-4 hours before bedtime, not to go with a full stomach. Half an hour before bedtime take a warm, relaxing shower. stylist Miami

Prepare the bed

Equally important is the location of the bed. You should not be placed on her head south (perfect – head to the north). The bed should not be much soft pillow – too fluffy and blanket – hot. Bed linens bright colors without drawing. read

Lie in bed

Once all the necessary preparations are finished, go to bed – the best at the back. Hands should be extended along the body. Not that you have received, you should not bring inconvenience.

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Finally relax helps calm breathing. To do this, switch their attention to it. On the exhale, the lungs should be fully free from air, thus breathe slowly and gradually spovilnyuytesya. As soon as breathing becomes calm and measured again and go back to the body, from the feet, “walk” on it up to the head, to see if there where tensions. This will help you get maximum relaxation of the body.

Do not program yourself for success with sleep if:

Do not lay the work to create dreams on how to succeed in life if eve badly slept, woke up just broken and now dying of desire rather go to bed. So you can immediately go to sleep and not “catch” the right time between sleep and wakefulness.

How to succeed in life through dreams

relaxes the mind

To enter the state before going to sleep, relax your mind. Imagine that you pour streams of rain, warm, soft. They wash off with you and take away all that you worried, my head is not no thoughts, no worries, it’s light and free. However, it calms down and relaxes your soul.

You can even read any known prayer or you tune in state-napivsnu polubodrstvovaniya using affirmations.

For example: “I am calm, I am relaxed, I have all good.”

Say it a few times, until the moment until you feel the warmth and joy in my heart. If this feeling come, then it’s time to go into the world of dreams.

We enter a dream

Usually we find ourselves in a dream, without realizing it, as if suddenly. But now we have other goals. We need to learn to do it in the waking state to be able to dream of a program we need.

Looking for a dream

For this purpose, without opening his eyes, look ourselves in the darkness. First direct your pupil distance, as if trying to see something on the horizon, then down, and finally – right and left, stopping each time for a couple of minutes. Then again lift them up.

Imagine yourself in the middle of absolute darkness and try to immerse themselves in it. This will achieve the status predsna. But this is not the dream, you do not sleep, but not bodrstvuete, you do not feel you’re in full, absolute darkness.

Now imagine that dark space around you gradually brightens, though slowly coming dawn. It is a slow process, but in the darkness must fully dissipate, and the space around filled with light.

Evaluate the situation around

Now Listen to what is happening around. Before you can dolynuty some weak sounds, the sound may be some color spots, flashing. Try to build these sounds and patches you need dreams. This process should not cause you efforts, it should be as natural. Consider the image you created from all sides, let it be bright and realistic.

Comes into contact with sleep

Now, for maximum effect, that is to fulfill your dreams a reality with the entry you created a way to contact. Previously it was just a picture on the screen, now you need to travel back to her. You need to do what Dream Self, while feel like something is going around.

For example, the sun came out, or the flowers bloom, or held rain. read here

Visualize all you want, just be consistent with your idea of joy and comfort.