Imagine yourself in the age

The woman is the same as it thinks about itself. We look and feel for so many years, how many think of themselves. click

Someone we remember the very young or small, and today he seemed overtaken us. And some in my youth was for us adults, then together we were adults, today, from the height of his venerable age, I see that they are still only adults. When you see a miracle, I want to understand. here

– “In youth I believed that the seventh woman has ten decrepit old woman. Working at the university, and communicating with many people, I found that women still are not only 70 but 50! In its relation to itself, by the limo Madison of pessimism. But there are those in advanced age are very active life and is not going to grow old!

Nothing far! My svekrusi – seventy. It – Associate Professor, PhD, works at two universities and it snapped. Her students love. She plays tennis, volleyball, as well as at sea, floating forty minutes several times a day! And outside – smart, athletic. Would not guess her age. Why? Life was like in oil? No, as they say – a full set. But always the optimist was! Never allow yourself to grieve. “

If you see the advantages and opportunities where others only notice problems and difficulties – life will be better. read

Let me answer the question of why life has become less enjoyable just because we have lived another year? We are becoming more experienced, so life must become better and better! After the old man does not age and mind! One of the reasons why people are dissatisfied with their lives, you know what? People are unhappy with themselves.

As a child, we appear complex. Parents often confuse the child’s behavior from the child. What a huge difference between phrases – You’re a bad girl! and – How bad throw toys! If you make a mistake in life, it does not mean you foolish woman!

Cleaning Service in Madison of people close to us, settle us in the head. And we appear complex that is the negative of himself.

To get rid of complexes necessary awareness. When you realize the problem – it is the first step.

Often, our systems sit so deep in us that they can squeeze only positive setup. For example, if we constantly tell ourselves – I – unique, loving, intelligent, sooner or later we will believe in it!

To learn how to manage their lives, need the power of their convictions.

If you consider yourself not very attractive, walk like a beauty! If you think that you lack confidence, act like a man who does not doubt in their abilities! This approach will allow you to change the image of himself.

When you conduct yourself as attractive, confident, happy woman, you start to feel attractive, confident, and most importantly happy!

women imagine themselves not pryvablyvoyu- What I like about myself? or

– What am I good at?

Surprisingly, when we ask a positive question, we get a positive answer! Try it and see for yourself.

Opinions about themselves, based on the reaction of others – a cunning trap.

What people think of you, does not mean it’s true.

People are adjusted hostile. People are full of envy. When they express their evil thoughts, their words reveal their own evil soul.

Do not listen to those who try to explain to you what you are, and how! more

When a person feels free in it a chance to get to know yourself and create your life to suit your desires. Always be healthy, optimistic and happy!