Implementation of desire and energy

In order for your goals, dreams and desires come true relatively easy, important, not only their truth, but still enough energy.

Dentist in Madison you realize that dream of becoming a fashion designer, designer,

or a lawyer – the true your dream. Or drive around the world, making a trip around the world. Or invent something that will make life easier for many people. But this energy you have left only the minimum needs of life. In this case, about which even the performance of your sincere desire might be?

Once you have decided what you want to achieve, you need to do your level of energy.

Even if at this point you have apathy, depression or a midlife crisis, and you have nothing, absolutely nothing like limo service madison you are not happy, you do more than seek then again, first of all you need to do to your energy level.

For the fulfillment of dreams, and indeed to want something, need a certain amount of energy.

After all, what a lack of energy, depression or frustration of that desire and dreams do not come true? All this has its roots in the absence of human energy. The less energy a person has, the less joy, vitality, desire to set goals, implement and achieve read more.

And vice versa. The more energy, the more a man of faith in the fact that it just reaches. More thirst for life, the desire to set new goals, to acquire new items, professions, reach the unattainable, to conquer the mountain, to the impossible.

Without energy can not move on. Without energy can not be developed further, not to mention the new goals and achieve them, develop, learn new – to move in life.

Let’s see where we take energy to life reappeared thirst, desire to perform and conquer, or at least the desire to go to the nearest park and enjoy the spring sun? Or a desire to learn a new program? Or the desire to think about their new desire!

So, where do human energy goes into and what to do to get it back, then not again rozbazaryty and send the right, constructive?

First, and foremost, it is thought. But not just thoughts and obsession or their problems, or the affairs of other people. Accordingly, the lack of ideas on the theme – how I am grateful for that, even in this, and yet here I realized it, and all this helps me life … and lack of ideas subject their goals and desires. And most importantly not thousands goals and desires, and two or three that did not seem that much like, but can not do because of their huge amount.

But first things first.

The obsession of their problems. Life sort of thing that you want or do not want, but coming periods “problems.” Here And then nothing to do but relax and get these problems in appropriate quantity and volume. Anything to do nothing during these periods, and sometimes even harmful. Especially in such periods should not take any action, and in any case not to start new projects.

In these periods should stop and think about how it’s good that you do is breathe. The joke, of course, but it is the truth. But the main thing that definitely should not do is fall in opinion about how bad you are that Life is not fair, and you have all these sufferings trouble.

This is the first danger that awaits you in life such periods. The more you think about how hard you is bad, the more you feel sorry for yourself, the more energy will go to support you in this state of apathy and frustration.

These periods do not say, and tend to ever end. And no matter how hard the man was, but if it can at this time to control your thoughts and your attitude to life, after the onset of a new period of light, it can recover quickly and do not feel a special energy decline.

So the main thing – to control their thoughts. No means that we should run away from reality and talk – as all good, despite the fact that all bad. But to fall into a sense of self-pity is not necessary. Otherwise you miss the end of the period is not very bright. And then, despite the fact that everything starts to change, you can not adjust to the new reality and miss the time when to sit down, set new goals, to understand what you want out of life on. Start actively move.

Own your thoughts, which are only your management can become a trap for you. Or conversely, if you are in a recession still have not lost their spirit and if not daily, at least every other day, waking up in the morning, thank life for what you have, then these thoughts will help you maintain your energy and do not slip in apathy.

Again. Your energy is very dependent on your thoughts.

What gloomier thoughts, the more you think about how unfair it is, the lower the level of your energy. Which fulfillment of dreams, secrets and recipes for their implementation can say, if all the energy goes to support negative thoughts.

And if you think that the negative or positive thoughts not affect the level of energy and, therefore, desire and thirst for life, to dream, then right now, perform a little exercise.

Sit down and remember the past troubles in your life, think a little bit about … Well, when you have these thoughts were still at least some desire? Or at least the belief that these desires be fulfilled?

So right now, sit back in his chair and start to remember what your life was fulfilled and that good … I’m doing the second exercise almost daily. This is not as hard and long as it might seem at first glance. Because this exercise does not require any particular place or conditions.

You may wish to recall that fulfilled when going to work.
You can think of them when you come back from work to relax and take off the stress of the day.
You may remember their successes and achievements, when almost asleep, in a dream thank life for all.
To not go, I say that this morning I just remembered all the goals that have been achieved over the last few years. And not just remembered and thanked life and received from this process very much. I remembered how I decided to grow hair. Those women who vidroschuvaly hair boyish haircut, well understand that this is a major achievement.

I remembered why learned. Well, and so on. So quickly lean back in his chair, close your eyes and, list at least 3-4 of their recent successes. Think a little longer, remember your feelings when reached its goal ….

opinion on the implementation of desires and dreamily that there is a difference after the first thoughts about how bad things are, and opinions of others, the achievements?

Of course, there is. There was confidence, faith in life and in herself, energy, and, respectively, and the desire to set new goals and achieve them.

So here’s the first secret to increase the level of energy and fulfillment of dreams – manage your thoughts, send them back to where there is energy, not to where it disappears.

The opinions of other people, events …
You can say that as if it’s the same idea, but why did we have identified them separately? You’re right, it is also thought. But if in the first case where we focus on negative events, we will feel the loss of energy in the second we did not even notice that the energy went into these thoughts.

What’s the big deal when after meeting with relatives you have with her husband a couple of days discussing this event? But where discussions there and persistent thoughts about the relatives, plus who and what he said and who did and who, as he thought … It seems it is not negative, but the question is – do they give you energy?

Do not even try to convince himself that such thoughts are useful. Of course, they eat up your time, vitality, consuming energy.

So you thought the day – the second of the life and destiny of others, and even God forbid envy, poplitkuvaly, as they say bones washed, and here are your goals and desires somehow removed, covered with a veil of fog, and a few days you quite forget about yourself. All the talk about why are your distant cousin of Santa Barbara so unlucky, or vice versa … But your thoughts seamlessly switched to a distant relative of your not very close friend whom you have not seen, but it is you IS said IS told … And this is not just a thought the evening you discuss these events with her husband, girlfriend, sister …

Hey, opam’yataytesya, return to themselves, their goals, their desires!

Tell yourself: – Yes, stop, you my thoughts, and I manage you. And let us quickly that there is on our agenda? Where are my desires? Yes, there was the last seems to conquer neighboring galaxy? Since forward boarded! And the fiery hi uncle of former kolezhanky neighborhood!

The same applies to thoughts about world events, events in your city, country, quarter. What gives you these thoughts and discussions? Are they closer to the realization of your goals and desires. Do they make you and surrounding at least a little happier? Do they fill you with energy, a thirst for life, the desire to move on and develop, set new goals and implement them?

Watching television, various media hangs on social networks and forums info.

That’s where the energy goes, so goes. At one time, when my husband and I got married, the first thing we did – rid your TV. And nearly 15 years of devourer and destroyer energy of happiness and joy in our family there. So I have difficult to remember how long we going to watch TV. The only thing about when on holiday or away little we watch TV, there is emptiness, loss of energy and comes absolutely perfect it was made and even apathy. Everything seems useless, life is unpredictable terrible, but at heart there is a sense – Why live at all times so bad. But what is wrong and how to formulate fails.

A couple of days back energy, seen and heard gradually weathered and praise all the heavens, that these moments in our lives are extremely rare.

Watch TV – is not only loss of energy and faith in life, but also the loss of time. At that time, in which many of us it is not enough to have to realize their desire to learn something new. Or just spend time with his family.

All the above said as well for other media.

It is interesting that many do not even realize how much they depend on the TV. Although many say, so we almost did not watch, but rather this box to fail, the people have stress, spoiled the mood … In general, all the signs of addiction.

Ordinary person thinks and lives template, it is difficult to abandon this dependence. But you read these articles, you aspire to something more, you are thinking about where to take energy … So you’re not quite ordinary, average person who thinks templates. Are you human thinking, thinking alive. In general, do yourself a conclusion.

Not important, is the second or higher you go on the fashion courses, cutting and sewing, design … Until we learn, even in those times when something is unclear or seems not prevail against it ever comes to us energy. Training, development of new skills, professions, language – all this increases the energy level inside the person.

While a person is learning while the brain is busy learning new information while it is difficult to learn a new subject, absorb new information at this time produced energy. Often it is mastering something new brings many people with depression and apathy. That study, not antidepressants.

And, of course, learning and mastering new skills conducive to the fulfillment of your goals and desires. Well, that realization of desires can there be if, say, sing your desire and you never before, except family feast, not singing? Of course, you should start learning, or find a teacher or vocal enroll.

Just do not tell me that it is clear and understandable.

Well, not really, of course, but … That’s just no mistake, learn in a direction that is useful in the implementation of your goals and desires.

Proceed. And then success will not keep you long.