Recommendations for improving the work efficiency

Reinforced work does not always bring the desired effect. Sometimes people just to harass at work, and the result is barely noticeable. Perhaps you can achieve the desired no longer working, and intelligent. Increasing the effectiveness of Labour said in his article Cammy Pham, a blogger who founded the agency ThinkRenegade

Effective work involves managing your time and distribution of its own energy. It is not always permanent employment is an indicator of productivity. Interior Design Madison How often
modern entrepreneurs, having a lot of trouble, complain about the lack of time and effort. But the problem often lies not in the absorption of work, and in her right distribution. If you want to keep up with a lot, working 40 hours a week instead of 80 or 100, try the following suggestions. They do not claim to be a panacea, but can help to at least think about your solution to the problem of labor productivity.

Do not work overtime
Carrying more hours at work does not give a positive effect. Once Henry Ford founded the company FordMotorCompany, introduced progressive for that time mode on its production. limo srevice Madison It reduced the time of employment of workers to 8 hours (10) and introduced five days instead of 6 days. The result was unexpected: labor productivity has increased. As it turned out, the full load only adds motivation and worsen labor skills.

It is necessary to get enough sleep and rest
Fatigue and lack of sleep plunge man in a bad mood, apathy, absent state. Naturally, labor efficiency can be no question. In the United States conducted a study with the participation of military personnel. They reduced their night sleep for 1 hour. As a consequence, the soldiers fell mental abilities, and distorted perception of reality. They behaved as if he were intoxicated. For example fanatical workaholics can become great people. Many of them understand the need for alternation of work and leisure.

Do not take on all things at once
In their business plans should thoroughly investigate and identify those that are most important, they are fundamental. Yes, it is difficult to make a choice, what business to say “yes” and what “no”. dance studio Madison Just can trace everything that you do, and try to optimize the process. Do not forget the Pareto principle: 20% for 80% of the results.

Drop perfectionism
Perfectionism – the pursuit of the ideal – not only gives a positive result, but sometimes hinders productivity. Employers and themselves perfectionists hinder their features:

Meticulously and long-studied problem.
Focus on the little things, not seeing the big picture.
Spend a lot of time waiting for the right occasion or momenta.V business need by creating the right moments. spa service Madison
Automate routine repetitive work
Well, if you own the basics of programming.  This will help to reduce the routine and monotony of work. Well, if such skills you do not have, buy or order a program that can automate the process. Of course, it will have to invest a certain amount, but productivity is guaranteed to provide you. It would be much higher than the manual processing of materials.

Take breaks in work and to devote the time loneliness
Devoting himself entirely to work, we were locked in a limited space and social circle. To increase productivity, all of us need to switch to another activity or just relax in solitude. window repair Madison The head gets freedom, relaxes the brain (so to speak), the body is saturated with energy.