Successful Fishing

Successful fishing of bream depends on many factors. One of the main nozzle is the selection. It is not easy, since there are many baits for these fish. To choose the right, you should know that leschovoe menu consists of two kinds of animal bait (ground and manure worms, insect larvae, leeches) and vegetable packing (talker from semolina, bread crumbs, peas, corn, etc.). When choosing the type of nozzle / bait should take into account the water temperature at the fishery. When it is below + 20 ° C, it is better to use animal bait, if the above vegetable packing. But it is better to stock up on various types of fishing lures

bait for bream

Bait for bream
The best baits for these fish are considered red dung, bloodworms and maggots. In preparation for this type of fishing in the attachments there are some features bival. Freshly do not use manure worms. Bream prefers to clean the inside and outside of the worm, what bait should be run for a day / two in a jar with washed river sand. Then cleansed worms, it is desirable to put the leaves of thyme or mint, or squeeze the garlic cloves for the smell. Skewer worms / bloodworm / maggots better just a few pieces, piercing the two individuals in three places and sting hook certainly hiding in their little bodies.

A nozzle for bream
From bait plant is considered to be the most effective mash of semolina with admixture of different flavors, are selected depending on the location of the reservoir and the time of year. From additives bream attracted to the smell of dill beans, garlic, cinnamon, vanilla, mint, cocoa, anise straw, thyme, sunflower, burdock or sea buckthorn oil, fruit essences. The process itself is simple flavoring, but to add odorous substances should be in moderation in miniscule amounts. Fish afraid of strong pungent smells and peck will be the exact opposite, having thinner than a human, smell.

Sometimes the lure in this original design brings positive results. The sandwich consists of a hook impaled on two contrasting types of bait animal and vegetable origin smile. For example, the hook bloodworm put some masking handguard fragrant mash of semolina. The latter plays the role of bait fragrant haze around bloodworm additionally attracts bream. The structure of the sandwich can be, for example, include the worms (bloodworm, maggots) and steamed barley. The options are many, and yet again depends on the surrounding local environment. Do not be lazy, experiment. And then the long-awaited bream definitely put your fishing rod float to one side!