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Can we control his body?

The human body – the most amazing and complex of all living things. A huge number of cells forming our body, performing different functions at the same time, but the goal is the same – to ensure its proper operation. Sometimes our body behaves against our will, as we do not want. In this case, you can use some tricks to help improve its performance. Dentist Cleveland – Family Dent

Remove tension from the eyes, you can use the whole face muscle tension, followed by relaxation. Repeat a few minutes necessary.

relieve tension with the eye

To cope with a toothache help ice. If a tooth ache on the left, then you need to apply ice to the back of his right hand between the thumb and index finger. If a tooth ache on the left, the ice should be attached to the left hand.

remove toothache

Remove heaviness in his right side. Virtually everyone faced with tingling in his right side while jogging or Nordic walking. This occurs when the touch exhalation and right foot lands is simultaneously – loading thus the liver. To get rid of an unpleasant tingling, breath should be combined with a touch of the left foot lands.

tingling while jogging

Remove tickling in the throat, it can be scratched his ear – it will affect the nerves, and help get rid of the unpleasant sensations.

If the nose is stuffed up and hard to breathe, come to the aid of the method of Dr. Lisa De Stefano.  Push fingers between the eyebrows, at the same time pressing the tongue to the top of the sky. After a few seconds, breathing becomes easier. This method helps destabilize bone located in the bow area, thereby freeing the nasal passage.

tickling in the throat

To stop the bleeding from the nose, gums must be applied to cotton wool for a small dimple under his nose. And push in that area. The artery is blocked and the blood stops flowing.

Get rid of strong emotion, on the advice of a doctor Ban Ebo, you can, blowing on his thumb. It calms the heart.

Hear the interlocutor, if you are in a public place or in a club where loud music is playing, will help this advice: Substitute the right ear. It is known to be responsible for the speech recognition. This is due to the fact that the left hemisphere of the brain responsible for the right side and the logic. Welcome to Dental Side! And the right brain for emotions and the left side of the body. Therefore, the left ear is better to recognize the music.

hear the interlocutor

To overcome the fear of injections, you need to cough during this chest formed a pressure, which suppresses the sensation of pain during injection.

fear of injections

In the case of burning hands or fingers burned area put under cold water, it will remove the pain.

If you wanted to use the toilet, and near it is not, then think about sex. Agree, it is very unusual advice!

if you want to use the toilet

Get rid of the hiccups, you can breathe in a plastic bag, it reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, which is its cause.

In order to facilitate heavy feeling after eating, should lie on the left side in this position will be above the esophagus, stomach and below.

after eating severity

Remove numb hands, you can stretch your neck. It is connected with each other so that the nerves that transmit the signal from the head to the hand, squeezed, and shake of the head helps them to knead.

What to do if lost in the woods?

The first feeling which arises in a person when he got lost in the woods – it’s fear and panic. At this point, the adrenaline in the blood, the brain and completely refuses to think logically. The main thing in this situation not to take hasty action to calm down as soon as possible. So what should you do? Welcome to Our Practice

call the rescue

The first rule – do not move spontaneously! It is best to remain in place. If there is a phone, and catches the connection, call the Ministry of Emergency Situations and one close person (family member). They should be warned not to call too often, because Battery can quickly razryaditsya.Telefon can periodically turn off to save battery.

rescuers phone

How to survive while waiting for help

In the forest is better to abstain from foods that took with them. If there is no rations, that is only familiar to you nuts, berries or mushrooms. Mushrooms need to be sure to eat well cooked in two waters.

To the water in the forest can be reached, as we have said, the paths of animals, as it flows from the foot of the small hillside. Ants and bees live close to the water.

If you did not find the evening, you should think about accommodation. Need to find a place open – better at clearing branches vozvyshennosti.Iz can build a tent, it protects in case of rain. On the ground, place pine branches, they will not freeze. Before it gets dark, dial longer sticks (twigs and sticks), to have enough for the whole night. Kindle the fire, but rather a few small foci. So rescuers will find you in the dark. Around the fire, sprinkle sand to fire did not spread further. Welcome to Downtown Asheville Living The measure also would protect, if you fall asleep next to him. Generally, when you go into the forest, be sure to take it with a set of objects indispensable to their survival (photo below).

If there is no communication with the outside world

If rescue is not possible to call before you go somewhere, look around. Try to remember which side came. Perhaps next to a footpath, a familiar tree, river, stream. If water is flowing nearby, then go for it current, so you can reach out to people. Alternatively, climb the tallest tree and check the area.
It is important to know the path paved not only people, but also zhivotnye.Opredelit who she is laid, it is possible on the tops of the bushes, if they are closed about an adult belt, then it trampled forest dwellers. It can only lead to water.

path out of the woods

Listen carefully to others zvukam.Vozmozhno, heard screams, barking of dogs, the noise of cars, machinery working in the field or train. The last of them can be heard while being away from the object at a distance of 10 km. Try to determine which side they hear, and go in their direction. In the evening, especially increased audibility.

Help may smell in such a situation. If the air is felt smoke, move upwind. Finding your way around is possible by the power lines, it should move him. Sooner or later, they will lead to the settlement.

Notice the trees, pine and birch trees on the north side of the bark is darker than on the south. On the trunks of pine trees, facing south over the resin. A moss and lichen grow thicker on the north. This will help if you know how to navigate by the compass.

kindle a fire in the forest

All of the recommendations in this article increases the chances of survival in the forest, if you get lost. But that did not happen, go hiking with a whistle, a compass and a group of friends or like-minded people.

How to get rid of insomnia and fall asleep quickly

Sometimes a man tormented by insomnia, he could not manage to fall asleep. And the coming day requires full-time commitment … and it will be difficult to carry out without well-being. interior design Madison How to learn to overcome insomnia and fall asleep quickly?

Specialists involved in the study of human sleep, argue that it is necessary to act in two directions:

identify and get rid of that prevents falling asleep,
to include in their lives and focus on what contributes to the rapid fall asleep.
It is important to follow both the first and second group of secrets, otherwise the result may not be achieved.

What not to do before going to bed
Dream occurs when brain cells are in a braking state. On the contrary, their excessive activity provokes a lack of sleep. limo service Madison Therefore, it is necessary to avoid that stimulates the cells.

Firstly, drink coffee or overnight strong tea. This council is well known to many, but not all follow him. Even one cup of caffeinated drunk to prolong the evening performance, can lead to insomnia.
Secondly, to smoke a last cigarette for 2-4 hours before bedtime.
Third, do not drink alcohol during the period preceding sleep. Alcoholic drinks are strong stimulants.
Fourth, stop viewing at night disturbing psyche of news, movies, disputes books. For them, the best time of day to withdraw.
Fifth, to calm the stomach, who asks for help. To not eat just before going to bed, you can have a cup of heated milk or a glass of plain water. So you cheat arisen desire to eat.
Sixth, to exclude all external stimuli, which include: Grilled light flickering computer lights, smells and sounds annoying. dance studio Madison
What will help sleep
1. Sometimes a lack of sleep does not fatigue. Sitting behind the monitor, you tense up only their brains, the body remains motionless. Therefore, you should not neglect exercise. But not before bedtime – it is better to move actively in the five hours before bedtime. The most the best option for a successful sleep will be a walk in the fresh air. Physical work for the family, too, will benefit health.

2. Another way to fall asleep quickly – prior sleep deprivation. Elementary lack of sleep will lead to the complete exhaustion, and REM sleep is assured.

3. For the ability to rapidly respond sleep some vitamins and acids in our body. For example, the amino acid tryptophan, or vitamin C. They can be purchased in pharmacies and taken before bedtime. spa service Madison

4. Frequent disruption to the onset of sleep is thought Grooving. Psychologists advise to learn not to focus on every single thought, and let them flow on the slide. Let them float by … To do this, it is desirable to acquire autogenous training.

Here are some exercises:

Feel your big toe, first on the right, then on the left. Warm or cold it? Which one is hotter? Then proceed to the comparison of experiences of other fingers in turn. Continue to collate the heel of the foot, ankle and on. Tired of the day a man “stopped” even on the fingers.
waking up in the night and did not fall asleep, get up and walk like a bear: relax the body and rolling from side to side. oscillation waves are usually ubayukivayusche.
And what methods of REM sleep are known to you? window repair Madison

Curious case of dismissal

Objectionable to workers laid off by the slightest tucked reason. Tardiness is not just the work done or a bad report – it is commonplace. But there are cases where employers show resourcefulness, to dismiss his employee. And the reason for the dismissal and did not have to come up for some employees. pet grooming Madison

Examples curious cases of dismissal from work
1. The two friends worked on the tape transporting carcasses of chickens at the poultry farm for subsequent packaging. Neskuchny friends once got a dead vulture. They put it together with chicken calves, and sent to the packing station, hoping to please potential buyers. It put revealed quickly. Imprudent act has caused not only the end of the career of young comedians, but also led to a compulsion to disinfect the entire room.

2. In a small barbershop young a specialist has worked for several months. As soon as she switched the radio to another station, he was immediately dismissed. cleaning service Madison That did not like the owners – worker initiative or music – is unknown. The decision was taken on the same day.

3. Laugh at your customers – not only sin, but also a possible cause of losing their jobs. One of the workers engaged in renovation of apartments for the US military, laughed when came to inspect the apartment General stretched out on the slippery floor. Laughing heartily, who could not help repairman, he was the reason for his dismissal. What he does not regret, because, in his words, healthy laughter, he extended his life.

4. industrial automation manager brought the whole enterprise work to the absolute automation. When the authorities began to think what to do next, it has come to the conclusion that the zealous manager to offer to resign – he just nothing else to do. computer repair Madison

5. During his leave the boss asked the employee to send parcels every day to a certain client. Employee diligently performed the task.  After returning from the holiday boss I was horrified: it was the employee must send a “microfilm,” which he did. As a result – the deprivation of his work.

6. The search for a more comfortable working conditions sometimes end in tears. By working in the same enterprise, the employee found a newspaper ad for the same specialty, but with the best conditions. He sent to the specified mailbox at your resume. A few days later I was summoned to the chief’s office, who invited him to look for a more comfortable work elsewhere. It turns out that this position put their company. dentist Madison Coda also proposed the creation of an employee he described in the ad conditions, it would not listen.

7. Eating a pizza left pieces can also lead to dismissal. One manager saw that afternoon on the desk staff left pieces of pizza. In order not to waste good, he decided to eat them – anyway because emissions. It turned out that these pieces of the staff left to then take them home. The manager was called on the carpet and the authorities received an offer to resign.

8. The status of social networks are sometimes becomes a reason for dismissal. So one of the workers wrote a campaign during working hours in their status “bored at work”. It read her boss, who was considered a friend. He offered to stop the slave bored and go in search of a fun job. stylist Madison

So we sometimes are not deliberate acts, can put an end to our future careers.

The first myth: in sleep the brain rests

Night – time marginals

According to some studies, tired people tend to behave unethically and often even immoral. To keep yourself in the bounds of decency, requires mental and volitional efforts so and “owls” and “larks” hard to abide by in the evening, after a hard day’s work, when all the forces at the end. However, “the Owl” tired not only the day but also at night vogel-geluk.nl, so that waking up in the morning, they feel even more exhausted and devastated. interior design Madison
Permanent fatigue causes “night residents’ cities to commit various crimes and misdemeanors – every night the streets come out tired but unable to sleep outcasts who painted the walls of houses with obscene words, beat the street lights, reveal mailboxes in doorways and commit more serious offenses.
“Night superpowers”

Surprisingly, those who prefer to stay awake at night, about four o’clock in the morning felt a surge of strength – it is said, some scientific research. Experts believe that the nocturnal surge of energy due to the fact that our distant prehistoric ancestors had to scare off predators or defend against aggressive “guests” from the other tribe. Thus, while everyone else is asleep, “owls” continue to stand on human security guard, even if it seems that there is no need.
Next time, when you see that your colleague in the morning yawns endlessly and can not be involved in the work, do not make fun of them – better go up, shake his hand and say something encouraging, believe me, “owls” deserve. dance studio Madison

The first myth: in sleep the brain rests.

In fact, the brain works with the same intensity as during wakefulness: analyzing the events, check the condition of internal organs and of the possible scenarios in the future. Thus, the rest only the muscles, but the meaning of a dream is not to give them a rest. Its main function – to allow the brain to do all the work, which mentioned above.
The second myth: there are prophetic dreams.

Professor argues that this is nonsense. Incidentally, this is exactly the case when science requires sacrifice – when he recently said about this on the set of a TV show, the ladies were present in the studio almost scored his hefty Dream book. In fact, a man sees in a dream the possible scenarios that works out the brain. Most of them he immediately forgets. How prophetic dream would depend entirely on the analytical abilities of sleep: “Someone has to first page detective guesses who the killer is. And someone had to finish reading the book to the end. ” Therefore wipers “prophetic” dreams dreams rarely and mathematicians – often.
Myth Three: there are people who never sleep. window repair Madison

They say a lot of sleepless among yogis. In fact, science is not aware of any such person ever recorded.