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Logistic system – is the foundation logistics

The term “logistics” in Greek means logistike nothing like art to think, calculate. Apply this concept began in the 6th century. These are essays that describe the martial art of the time. The post of Logistics existed at the court of the Byzantine emperor. His responsibilities included distribution acquired to table food.
There is information about the use of logistic principles Napoleon. He used them in his army manual.
In Russian, the term “logistics” appeared only in the early 19th century. This concept was introduced by the French military expert Antoine Zhomyny.
The main significance of the term
Logistics – is one part of economic science. The subject of consideration is the organization most rational process of promoting goods and services, which comes from producer to consumer. In addition, logistics – is discipline, the use of which is necessary to effectively manage inventory, process and promote them to customers. Consider this science and the necessary infrastructure to meet these challenges.

In terms of the management of any organization logistics – it is nothing like the strategic management of all material flows, from the procurement process, ending the sale and storage of goods, equipment and so on. E. Considered concept includes control information and financial assets.
The concept of logistics system
In the encyclopaedia can find definitions set of elements that, while in certain relations with each other to form a unity. This is the system.

Applicable to this concept before us science. In addition, logistics – is a term that is the basis for the discipline. The purpose of their creation is to minimize costs or saving them to a certain level in the delivery of information, services or products in the right quantity and assortment to the place specified in the contract with the buyer.
Key features
Logistic system – is economic targets, which have compatible elements, including:
set of different units that are in interaction with each other;
certain relationships that affect the integral quality;
system-factors that form the ordered relationship;
integrative qualities of the whole system, but not specific to its individual parts.
Elements of the system of movement of goods
Based on international practice, economists make a clear conclusion that the principles of logistics are one of the important trunk lines required for normal development of the company. The purpose of development – increasing the efficiency of material, labor and financial resources and management at various levels.
Elements of logistics system is very diverse. They include:
material resources required for the movement of goods (cargo handling machinery, vehicle, warehouse);
departments to manage all elements of the logistics chain.
In other words, promoting material flow during work carried out qualified personnel, using vehicles, various techniques and so on. D.

The concept of logistics system is impossible without a coordinated and harmonious operation of its units, which taken together, have a number of properties, including:
1. Integrity and chlenymostyu. Any system, including logistics, as a set of interacting elements. At the macro level, these include the company and moved between the transport. A more detailed consideration of logistics – a set of subsystems as:
purchase, in which there is a logistics system supply of material flow;
planning and subsequent management of production processes that take deposits received and send them to implement various manufacturing operations, making the subject of work in the final product;
sales, whose task is to disposal of material flow logistics system.
All elements are considered raznokachestvennymy, but at the same time compatible. They work together and ensure functioning of the logistics system.
2. Communications. They are between all elements of the logistics system, defining it as integrative. At the macro level as relationships are contract. In this mycological industrial relations systems.
3. Organization. It is this feature gives it logistical system orderliness.
4. integrative quality. This property affects the efficiency of the logistics system as a whole. Integrative qualities are the ability to deliver the right product to the buyer at the right place at minimal cost. In addition, this feature allows you to adjust the system in the event of changes in environmental conditions.

What are the different types of logistics systems? They are divided into transportation and warehousing, manufacturing and legal, personnel, information and so on. D. All of them are in two main groups, which are macro – and mykrolohystycheskymy. This is the main logistics. Let us consider each of these in more detail.
Makrologisticheskaya system
It is a large chain links, which covers the organization of industry, trade and transport, or located in different countries, or in certain regions of the state. Included in the system and makrolohycheskuyu dealerships. These units together constitute the economic infrastructure of the region, individual states or groups of countries.
Creating a system makrolohycheskoy international level is a matter of quite complex. It is necessary to overcome the difficulties associated with economic and legal peculiarities of different countries. Also many other difficulties facing such logistics. This unequal terms of delivery of goods, and various traffic laws and other barriers.

Creating makrolohystycheskoy system under international programs requires formation in law single market and economic space, has no internal borders. Thus during transportation of goods, labor, capital and information, there should be no customs barriers.
Types of macro logistics systems are classified by the following features:
by administrative-territorial division of the country;
by subjective features.
In Western Europe the practice is often used such a thing as a global Makrologisticheskaya system. This can be a state (eg translyatsyonnaya) system. Its formation is at the country level. Global call and the interstate system, covering several states. In the same concept include the transcontinental chain that operates across several continents.
Under existing connections makrolohistychnyh systems are divided into three types. Yes, they may have:
direct connections when material flow moves directly from the manufacturer to the end user of the goods;
at least one intermediary (such эshelonyrovannymy called logistics);
or direct connections or supply goods through an intermediary (flexible logistics).
Mikrologisticheskie system
This kind of organization of material flow, used in a particular company. The aim is to optimize the chain mykrolohystycheskoy move resources within the production process, supply, sales.
Logistics enterprise system should be built on the basis of strategic goals and solve the problem of optimizing its functioning. Such covers the development of each individual company. This provides logistic system of resolving internal issues relating to the movement of material flow.

And in this case has its own classification. Types of micro logistics systems are divided into:
of internal (domestic);
Logistics company internal system designed to optimize the type of material flows within the production cycle of a production. Its main tasks are on reducing WIP inventory and material resources, but also reduce the period of turnover of working capital. For this logistic system of the enterprise to exercise management and control over the level of material resources and optimize technological transport. The successful solution of this problem will lead to minimal production costs and increase productivity while maintaining the required quality of the finished products.
Logistic systems appearance created to address problems associated with the optimization and management of material and accompanying flow from supplier to customer. This movement occurs technological cycle of enterprise.
The elements that make up the outer logistic system, this supply and distribution networks that provide the movement of products from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the end user. These include both intracompany transport, storage and so on. D. Unit and involving organizations that perform transportation. The main tasks that are designed to resolve external logistics systems are as efficient material flow of traffic, as well as optimization of all costs and reducing delivery time.
Current economic conditions require very different approaches to promote material flow. And here come to the aid of the integrated logistics system. They are based at the confluence of traditional methods and new innovative strategic management scheme streams. Currently leading companies in the world in the development of logistics units passing the material flow using general information and computer platforms.
It formed a strategic innovation system. Integrated logistics management enables companies to greatly increase the rate of asset turnover, reduce inventory and material resources to meet the needs of consumers with quality products and services. Combining work management company, all its business units and logistics partners, we can achieve the best results in business.

Recommendations for improving the work efficiency

Reinforced work does not always bring the desired effect. Sometimes people just to harass at work, and the result is barely noticeable. Perhaps you can achieve the desired no longer working, and intelligent. Increasing the effectiveness of Labour said in his article Cammy Pham, a blogger who founded the agency ThinkRenegade vogel-geluk.nl.

Effective work involves managing your time and distribution of its own energy. It is not always permanent employment is an indicator of productivity. Interior Design Madison How often
modern entrepreneurs, having a lot of trouble, complain about the lack of time and effort. But the problem often lies not in the absorption of work, and in her right distribution. If you want to keep up with a lot, working 40 hours a week instead of 80 or 100, try the following suggestions. They do not claim to be a panacea, but can help to at least think about your solution to the problem of labor productivity.

Do not work overtime
Carrying more hours at work does not give a positive effect. Once Henry Ford founded the company FordMotorCompany, introduced progressive for that time mode on its production. limo srevice Madison It reduced the time of employment of workers to 8 hours (10) and introduced five days instead of 6 days. The result was unexpected: labor productivity has increased. As it turned out, the full load only adds motivation and worsen labor skills.

It is necessary to get enough sleep and rest
Fatigue and lack of sleep plunge man in a bad mood, apathy, absent state. Naturally, labor efficiency can be no question. In the United States conducted a study with the participation of military personnel. They reduced their night sleep for 1 hour. As a consequence, the soldiers fell mental abilities, and distorted perception of reality. They behaved as if he were intoxicated. For example fanatical workaholics can become great people. Many of them understand the need for alternation of work and leisure.

Do not take on all things at once
In their business plans should thoroughly investigate and identify those that are most important, they are fundamental. Yes, it is difficult to make a choice, what business to say “yes” and what “no”. dance studio Madison Just can trace everything that you do, and try to optimize the process. Do not forget the Pareto principle: 20% for 80% of the results.

Drop perfectionism
Perfectionism – the pursuit of the ideal – not only gives a positive result, but sometimes hinders productivity. Employers and themselves perfectionists hinder their features:

Meticulously and long-studied problem.
Focus on the little things, not seeing the big picture.
Spend a lot of time waiting for the right occasion or momenta.V business need by creating the right moments. spa service Madison
Automate routine repetitive work
Well, if you own the basics of programming.  This will help to reduce the routine and monotony of work. Well, if such skills you do not have, buy or order a program that can automate the process. Of course, it will have to invest a certain amount, but productivity is guaranteed to provide you. It would be much higher than the manual processing of materials.

Take breaks in work and to devote the time loneliness
Devoting himself entirely to work, we were locked in a limited space and social circle. To increase productivity, all of us need to switch to another activity or just relax in solitude. window repair Madison The head gets freedom, relaxes the brain (so to speak), the body is saturated with energy.

Tips for men who have lost their self-confidence

Why do most of the male population of the planet is absorbed virtual world or sitting on stimulants? Scientists say that the modern man is thus asserting themselves and seek happiness, having lost confidence in the ability to meet the expectations of society. pet grooming Madison

What is the modern man
The centuries-old notions of people, man – it’s miners, athletes, the invaders. But this image is far from the real picture of today. Modern man is no need to fight for the extraction of food or shelter, so he does not need to be a strong man, and does not necessarily have a muscular body. To ensure a comfortable existence for themselves and their family can a young man skinny body, conducting most of his time sitting at a desk.

But not all are successful in the field of programming and innovative technologies. cleaning service Madison Therefore, part of the strong half of the population produces a complex of self-doubt and confidence. What is the way he is looking for in this situation? The researchers claim that they find themselves three areas of “use” of escaping from reality into:

computer games,
How to stop avoiding reality
On the topic of male insecurity and ways to overcome it, wrote a book called “Man in isolation. Games, movies and loss of identity. ” Its authors are Nikita Colombo and Philip Zimbardo. They recommend starting with the upbringing and education, for example, for teaching in schools to attract more men, to change or adjust the original supply system, pay more attention to the specific education of boys. But all this presupposes the existence of some distant future. A need to solve the problem today. Here are some tips from the mentioned book. computer repair Madison

1.Zanyatsya useful real activity. Passion for computer games sometimes absorbs the personality entirely. Man holds in the gaming mode, day and night, without rest or breaks. Care in the virtual world, likely associated with dysfunctional social conditions gamers or lack of communication to the outside world. It is worth considering the reasons for permanent escape from reality and try to switch to the search for friends in their environment, to find a real lesson for the soul.

2.Otkazatsya from porn. Viewing pornography brings instant pleasure, as a visual stimulant. Passion is able to blunt them a natural feel. dentist Madison After giving up porn, newly restored receptors, and the body will respond as laid down by nature. Keep in mind that sexual energy can be transferred to just above the pants: the heart or the head, where true love resides.

3. Engage in sports or dancing. Sedentary life deprives human activity plays into the hands only to obesity. The role of sport in the lives of men:

Being in good physical shape, a man increases the chances of success. Not only women but also at work.
He becomes more attractive and manly.
Sports training develop psychological resilience and confidence in their abilities.
Playing as a team allows you to become more flexible and learn to communicate in a team.
4. To overcome laziness. Small victories lead to big results. Lazy B even for a not priberet. After overcoming the first small difficulties, you can get thorough change, turn the channel in the positive direction of life. you do the works consist in habit, and making plans leads to global changes. stylist Madison

5. Adopt a female friend. Made friends with a woman, it is becoming a friend, you will understand how interesting the world of the opposite sex. You can ask her Relationship Advice to other women.

Curious case of dismissal

Objectionable to workers laid off by the slightest tucked reason. Tardiness is not just the work done or a bad report – it is commonplace. But there are cases where employers show resourcefulness, to dismiss his employee. And the reason for the dismissal and did not have to come up for some employees. pet grooming Madison

Examples curious cases of dismissal from work
1. The two friends worked on the tape transporting carcasses of chickens at the poultry farm for subsequent packaging. Neskuchny friends once got a dead vulture. They put it together with chicken calves, and sent to the packing station, hoping to please potential buyers. It put revealed quickly. Imprudent act has caused not only the end of the career of young comedians, but also led to a compulsion to disinfect the entire room.

2. In a small barbershop young a specialist has worked for several months. As soon as she switched the radio to another station, he was immediately dismissed. cleaning service Madison That did not like the owners – worker initiative or music – is unknown. The decision was taken on the same day.

3. Laugh at your customers – not only sin, but also a possible cause of losing their jobs. One of the workers engaged in renovation of apartments for the US military, laughed when came to inspect the apartment General stretched out on the slippery floor. Laughing heartily, who could not help repairman, he was the reason for his dismissal. What he does not regret, because, in his words, healthy laughter, he extended his life.

4. industrial automation manager brought the whole enterprise work to the absolute automation. When the authorities began to think what to do next, it has come to the conclusion that the zealous manager to offer to resign – he just nothing else to do. computer repair Madison

5. During his leave the boss asked the employee to send parcels every day to a certain client. Employee diligently performed the task.  After returning from the holiday boss I was horrified: it was the employee must send a “microfilm,” which he did. As a result – the deprivation of his work.

6. The search for a more comfortable working conditions sometimes end in tears. By working in the same enterprise, the employee found a newspaper ad for the same specialty, but with the best conditions. He sent to the specified mailbox at your resume. A few days later I was summoned to the chief’s office, who invited him to look for a more comfortable work elsewhere. It turns out that this position put their company. dentist Madison Coda also proposed the creation of an employee he described in the ad conditions, it would not listen.

7. Eating a pizza left pieces can also lead to dismissal. One manager saw that afternoon on the desk staff left pieces of pizza. In order not to waste good, he decided to eat them – anyway because emissions. It turned out that these pieces of the staff left to then take them home. The manager was called on the carpet and the authorities received an offer to resign.

8. The status of social networks are sometimes becomes a reason for dismissal. So one of the workers wrote a campaign during working hours in their status “bored at work”. It read her boss, who was considered a friend. He offered to stop the slave bored and go in search of a fun job. stylist Madison

So we sometimes are not deliberate acts, can put an end to our future careers.