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How to love yourself five important truths

Love yourself, then others you love!

Beauty – is imposed stereotype

You it without us well know vogel-geluk.nl, in the 60’s of last century were in fashion skinny, but for 50 years before – Flour matrons. In ancient Egypt valued long neck, and in the Middle Ages – a high forehead. But that’s not all: at the same time in different areas there are different canons of beauty! Beauty – a relative term, remember this whenever look in the mirror. cleaning Miami


So, you may not like the form of your nose or chin, but the body – is what is given to us once. Returns and exchanges can not be! Instead of paying attention to their shortcomings, Focus on what you really lucky. more here

Beauty comes from within

You would think that this phrase – only beaten cliche? You are not wrong, and you can see this for yourself. Make your own series of images with different facial expression. Perhaps at some you will look terrible on others – bearable, and the third – is even nothing. Facial expression means much more than his features!

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Note the People diffident, suffer from complexes or accidents. They are usually bad posture, slurred speech, in the eyes – the constant fear and uncertainty: what others think of me? Try to introduce some of Hollywood beauties, like Angelina Jolie, with a hunched back, lowered eyes and the corners of the lips. Do you think it will look attractive? Probably not. read more

Confidence in yourself more attractive than good cleaning service in madison

Imagine that you are a recruiter, and you two come applicant for the same position. Which you prefer: one who is confused in words and can talk about their merits, or someone who feels confident? Probably – second. In personal relationships, as well as in business, people prefer to communicate with those who are confident and not burdened systems. stylist Miami