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How to protect yourself from envy?

Envy – one of the seven deadly sins. However, this feeling can be considered an incitement to most others vogel-geluk.nl. She can generate and greed, and anger, and pride. If the destructive power of jealousy could be translated in TNT equivalent, the result of “activity” would long ago have become deserted planet. read more

According to statistics, this feeling feels every other man. Zazdrist same subject, men and women, rich and poor. But there is one interesting nuance – age people become less envious, for example, after 60 years this feeling familiar to only one person of the three, while among 30-year encounter with him three of four.

Where does this feeling? Unfortunately, life in society. Agree to live, each of us on a desert island, would hardly have felt something similar – in fact compare themselves, their successes and failures, and nothing to anyone, and thus the envy of nowhere to take. Yes, the frequent comparisons of themselves with others, low self-esteem and there it is. dentist Miami

What kind of envy

It is considered that envy can be “black” or “in white.” Envy, which erodes a person inside, it does not grow, leaves much to be wrong object of envy and even pushing for crimes classified “black”.

By “white” also include the so-called constructive jealousy – when a man jealous of something or someone is working hard to achieve the same results or even outperform. There is even an opinion that no jealousy there would be no progress.

To accept or not to accept the principle of a division – a private matter. But this feeling can not be positive in tone, since in any case it prevents live a full life. stylist Miami

It can also blind jealousy when a person only sees from afar beautiful picture of success – a prosperous family life, successful career, prosperity, but not aware of the wrong side. Most often it happens when jealous, not knowing the true state of affairs simply gives the object of envy their desires and cleaning service in madison.

Another type of envy – conscious when jealous clearly understands that the success of the object entirely deserved, but he does not. And also with the feeling must be fought because constantly reflecting on his uselessness can nurture aggression against himself.

The faster the fight will be announced envy of all types and colors, strange or own, the more health you save. Eternal stay in a state of envy, resentment, confusion, low self-esteem are able to fundamentally undermine the nervous system and lead to neuroses, headaches and other ailments. His view of envy and representatives of alternative medicine, this feeling may be a prerequisite for the emergence of damage or the evil eye (more on this, read the article How to recognize the damage or the evil eye?). more here

What you have ceased to envy

Maybe somewhere deep realization that you are jealous, which means you successful and happy, warm shower, but remember one thing: strange little jealousy is able to “eat” your energy and destroy your life. And if you do not want cleaning service in madison alone once in place envious – act!

1. Dentist in Madison

Bad when close friends begin suddenly jealous of your success. No matter how deep they are trying to hide their feelings, sooner or later it will come out outside, and relationships will crack. So if you dear friendship, talk to them openly, try to explain what your progress is hidden perseverance and hard work. It did not help? In this case, only one way out – to bring communication to a minimum.limo service Miami

Sasha: “A year ago my husband threw a close friend. And not just quit, he actually survived it with apartments and even now does not help financially. I as could, tried to help her, but lately more and more often heard the phrase that “fed the hungry, not a friend,” and why I – clever and caring husband, son, and her – luck single mother. Understand that you are jealous, was not difficult. Talk heart to heart either to no avail. The result – our communication was limited to “hi-yet.”

2. Soberly evaluate themselves

Try to understand that you can cause feelings of envy. You do not try umovchuvaty modest about his achievements, but rather persistently demonstrate them? If so, it is not surprising that dream rather envious of you reset the pedestal. Rooted in the desire to provoke them. Do not over – there will be envy. dance Miami

Luda: “Six months ago I moved to a new job in a solid company. To get there – a matter of honor and prestige, but also unthinkable work. And becoming part of the company, I realized: I most clever and as no one was worthy of it. I do not hesitate to tell friends about their ambitions, and soon realized that they did not rejoice at my success, on the contrary, I was heard rumors that they would be happy to work on the new I did not appreciate appreciated. madisonlimo.made-from.top

3. Give rebuff

Learn how to protect themselves and to fight back envious. Do not think that this attitude offend them, envy them at times frightening image. You do not want behind you poured mud and built machinations? If the situation remains as it is, the overall feeling of envy sooner or later engulf you and eat. spa service Miami

Daniel: “My brother – photographers, but I have always a lot of customers, and go to him one. And after I got the prestigious award, though it generally replaced. He demanded that I promoted him, gave him part of his work. At first I was sorry it in his background I was ashamed of his success, so helped, of course. But his appetite grew to the same tune he was against my clients. And tell me what to do if you envy and hate? I decided to split the business and began to work on themselves. “

4. Do not envy themselves

As is known, the object of jealousy are often the ones who himself experienced a similar feeling towards others. Learn how to deal with envy, or it tenacious paws Pinch and hold you will not develop and move forward. According to psychologists, to fight this feeling stupid. Need to find its source and to eradicate. How to do it? window repair Miami

How to stop envy

If a person is worried about a similar problem, it is in itself remarkable. Trying to beat a bad quality in itself mean that he envies aware of how feelings of envy to others can corrode and degrade it to interfere with the development and formation of personality. So 50% of success already in his pocket. It remains only to work the half.

As a eradicate this feeling? Exclusively by long reflection and analysis – yourself, those you envy, situations that cause jealousy. Perhaps, if all make out on the shelves, it turns out that envy and some, in fact, there is nothing … to get rid of envy, psychologists advised to make a constructive plan and act in accordance with it. Pet grooming Miami