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Provides alert of women

Anxiety – very painful and requires both senses. She needs time to signal us of approaching danger of a possible complication of the situation. In its normal version of this experience mobilizing gives extra energy to overcome the dangerous situation. more info

The manifestations of this feeling is always painful and excessive.

The person often feels hostility toward others. But according to the norms and moral education is forbidden to show hostility openly. Strong emotions of anger, rage, resentment and deliberately blocked permanently replaced, the energy in them too much, and these charges continue to live … displacement anger generates dentist in madison the same state that is characteristic of anxiety, feelings of helplessness, powerlessness before insurmountable danger, threat … the outside world becomes dark and spooky … and people need more energy and strength to confront this terrible and hostile world. – Just need to control and hard to be ready for almost everything … trying to be friendly, socially adequate despite the situation – and the more he falls into excessive anxiety … and then it is easier to accept the fact that the circle is full of reptiles and bastards. ..

Cleaning Service in Madison here and now wish to alarm perekysaye … Imagine that you get a much dosadzhaye, angers you, excites different – including positive – emotion, but you do not have opportunities manifest now, touch his strong emotion. You can merge and timidly valuable to you in person or ashamed to show him his fortune, or something …

For example: I’d like to call a favorite, but I do know that “good girls should be proud” and the call itself – no! I will endure, check the phone every five minutes, angry with him-this syakoho! – And finally easy to fall into anxiety concerning their significance for him. Or worry about the start – and it’s there? or alive? read info

Each person normally has a certain level of anxiety associated with the fact that life is unpredictable. Anxiety associated with uncertainty and uncertainty tends to easily move into painful. How to do it?

Try not to pay attention to the excessive, disproportionate your “here and now” anxiety is not necessary, not only because it is a waste of limo service in Madison¬†and energy, as well as all further developing the script tale of a white bull.

Certainly better introspection in order to ask – what can I relieve anxiety? What I choose perception of their anxiety in their reactions to it, in his interaction with her?

Am I ready to meet the new experience of life, is the only way to cope with anxiety for me – to plan every detail, to provide all the plot twists, completely abandon spontaneity and act on familiar circuits spent years? click

anxiety in many zhinokChy enough faith in me to an acceptance of the uncertainty of life? Do attempting to avoid anxiety, I exercise every day just one of many options? Maybe once he rescued me? And the consequences of which I so good, well, let basically quite familiar?

But this predictability is quite illusory. After all, life is equally impossible … control defined open system.

So remain alarming. And besides, even boring. You live like in a rut, it is deeper and twist harder. No ups and downs.

So can let it be this anxiety – fresh, spicy, increasingly mobilizing for a meeting with the new?