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Can we control his body?

The human body – the most amazing and complex of all living things. A huge number of cells forming our body, performing different functions at the same time, but the goal is the same – to ensure its proper operation. Sometimes our body behaves against our will, as we do not want. In this case, you can use some tricks to help improve its performance. Dentist Cleveland – Family Dent

Remove tension from the eyes, you can use the whole face muscle tension, followed by relaxation. Repeat a few minutes necessary.

relieve tension with the eye

To cope with a toothache help ice. If a tooth ache on the left, then you need to apply ice to the back of his right hand between the thumb and index finger. If a tooth ache on the left, the ice should be attached to the left hand.

remove toothache

Remove heaviness in his right side. Virtually everyone faced with tingling in his right side while jogging or Nordic walking. This occurs when the touch exhalation and right foot lands is simultaneously – loading thus the liver. To get rid of an unpleasant tingling, breath should be combined with a touch of the left foot lands.

tingling while jogging

Remove tickling in the throat, it can be scratched his ear – it will affect the nerves, and help get rid of the unpleasant sensations.

If the nose is stuffed up and hard to breathe, come to the aid of the method of Dr. Lisa De Stefano.  Push fingers between the eyebrows, at the same time pressing the tongue to the top of the sky. After a few seconds, breathing becomes easier. This method helps destabilize bone located in the bow area, thereby freeing the nasal passage.

tickling in the throat

To stop the bleeding from the nose, gums must be applied to cotton wool for a small dimple under his nose. And push in that area. The artery is blocked and the blood stops flowing.

Get rid of strong emotion, on the advice of a doctor Ban Ebo, you can, blowing on his thumb. It calms the heart.

Hear the interlocutor, if you are in a public place or in a club where loud music is playing, will help this advice: Substitute the right ear. It is known to be responsible for the speech recognition. This is due to the fact that the left hemisphere of the brain responsible for the right side and the logic. Welcome to Dental Side! And the right brain for emotions and the left side of the body. Therefore, the left ear is better to recognize the music.

hear the interlocutor

To overcome the fear of injections, you need to cough during this chest formed a pressure, which suppresses the sensation of pain during injection.

fear of injections

In the case of burning hands or fingers burned area put under cold water, it will remove the pain.

If you wanted to use the toilet, and near it is not, then think about sex. Agree, it is very unusual advice!

if you want to use the toilet

Get rid of the hiccups, you can breathe in a plastic bag, it reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, which is its cause.

In order to facilitate heavy feeling after eating, should lie on the left side in this position will be above the esophagus, stomach and below.

after eating severity

Remove numb hands, you can stretch your neck. It is connected with each other so that the nerves that transmit the signal from the head to the hand, squeezed, and shake of the head helps them to knead.