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Tips for men who have lost their self-confidence

Why do most of the male population of the planet is absorbed virtual world or sitting on stimulants? Scientists say that the modern man is thus asserting themselves and seek happiness, having lost confidence in the ability to meet the expectations of society. pet grooming Madison

What is the modern man
The centuries-old notions of people, man – it’s miners, athletes, the invaders. But this image is far from the real picture of today. Modern man is no need to fight for the extraction of food or shelter, so he does not need to be a strong man, and does not necessarily have a muscular body. To ensure a comfortable existence for themselves and their family can a young man skinny body, conducting most of his time sitting at a desk.

But not all are successful in the field of programming and innovative technologies. cleaning service Madison Therefore, part of the strong half of the population produces a complex of self-doubt and confidence. What is the way he is looking for in this situation? The researchers claim that they find themselves three areas of “use” of escaping from reality into:

computer games,
How to stop avoiding reality
On the topic of male insecurity and ways to overcome it, wrote a book called “Man in isolation. Games, movies and loss of identity. ” Its authors are Nikita Colombo and Philip Zimbardo. They recommend starting with the upbringing and education, for example, for teaching in schools to attract more men, to change or adjust the original supply system, pay more attention to the specific education of boys. But all this presupposes the existence of some distant future. A need to solve the problem today. Here are some tips from the mentioned book. computer repair Madison

1.Zanyatsya useful real activity. Passion for computer games sometimes absorbs the personality entirely. Man holds in the gaming mode, day and night, without rest or breaks. Care in the virtual world, likely associated with dysfunctional social conditions gamers or lack of communication to the outside world. It is worth considering the reasons for permanent escape from reality and try to switch to the search for friends in their environment, to find a real lesson for the soul.

2.Otkazatsya from porn. Viewing pornography brings instant pleasure, as a visual stimulant. Passion is able to blunt them a natural feel. dentist Madison After giving up porn, newly restored receptors, and the body will respond as laid down by nature. Keep in mind that sexual energy can be transferred to just above the pants: the heart or the head, where true love resides.

3. Engage in sports or dancing. Sedentary life deprives human activity plays into the hands only to obesity. The role of sport in the lives of men:

Being in good physical shape, a man increases the chances of success. Not only women but also at work.
He becomes more attractive and manly.
Sports training develop psychological resilience and confidence in their abilities.
Playing as a team allows you to become more flexible and learn to communicate in a team.
4. To overcome laziness. Small victories lead to big results. Lazy B even for a not priberet. After overcoming the first small difficulties, you can get thorough change, turn the channel in the positive direction of life. you do the works consist in habit, and making plans leads to global changes. stylist Madison

5. Adopt a female friend. Made friends with a woman, it is becoming a friend, you will understand how interesting the world of the opposite sex. You can ask her Relationship Advice to other women.