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Products, uplifting

Here are some of them
Oatmeal vogel-geluk.nl
No wonder the British prefer to eat in the morning oatmeal. They have long been intuitively developed this tradition. As it turned out, it gives a boost of energy and vitality, so necessary in the early days. This property is attached to oatmeal slow carbohydrates. cleaning service Madison
Oatmeal kashaMyaso turkey
Cooked in the oven, or simply boiled turkey, not only uplifting, but it also helps to overcome insomnia. Such effects on the body have a substance contained in the meat of the turkey, which are involved in the development of good mood hormone (it turns out that this also exists, called serotonin).
Meat indeykiZelenaya asparagus
Serotonin helps to shape and asparagus. It contains folic acid. Experts know that the substance is able to be responsible for mood and fight depression.
Green spinach sparzhaListya
Leafy vegetables are beneficial to replenish the body with vitamins. Notable among these is the spinach. It has a lot of the same serotonin, which, as mentioned earlier, is a source of good mood. computer repair Madison
Spinach for good nastroeniyaSemena sunflower
Yes, not surprisingly, loved by many sunflower seeds saturate our brains are fatty acids such as Omega 3. They can not just click, have “bubochka” handfuls, but also add to any dish.
Seeds podsolnuhaMidii
Marine products have long been known for their beneficial properties. Mussels are no exception: they are rich in vitamin B12 and minerals necessary to maintain long-term memory. It contains a substance and, uplifting.
Another indispensable gift of the sea – it is an oyster. Why do you think they are considered a delicacy? Not only because the rare, but also because of the content of tyrosine, zinc, which are beneficial to brain function and overall tone. dentist Madison
UstritsyNaturalny yogurt
It is not necessary to convince supporters of a healthy diet, that the best way to replenish the body’s calcium is considered yogurt. Decreasing the level of calcium in humans arises depression and irritability.
Potassium is replenished in the body due to the bananas (of course, not only to them). Its deficiency leads to the mood of oppression and apathy. stylist Madison
This refers to its dark appearance. It has long been known that a piece of this delicacy stimulates the production of endorphins – the hormone of happiness.

Recommendations for improving the work efficiency

Reinforced work does not always bring the desired effect. Sometimes people just to harass at work, and the result is barely noticeable. Perhaps you can achieve the desired no longer working, and intelligent. Increasing the effectiveness of Labour said in his article Cammy Pham, a blogger who founded the agency ThinkRenegade vogel-geluk.nl.

Effective work involves managing your time and distribution of its own energy. It is not always permanent employment is an indicator of productivity. Interior Design Madison How often
modern entrepreneurs, having a lot of trouble, complain about the lack of time and effort. But the problem often lies not in the absorption of work, and in her right distribution. If you want to keep up with a lot, working 40 hours a week instead of 80 or 100, try the following suggestions. They do not claim to be a panacea, but can help to at least think about your solution to the problem of labor productivity.

Do not work overtime
Carrying more hours at work does not give a positive effect. Once Henry Ford founded the company FordMotorCompany, introduced progressive for that time mode on its production. limo srevice Madison It reduced the time of employment of workers to 8 hours (10) and introduced five days instead of 6 days. The result was unexpected: labor productivity has increased. As it turned out, the full load only adds motivation and worsen labor skills.

It is necessary to get enough sleep and rest
Fatigue and lack of sleep plunge man in a bad mood, apathy, absent state. Naturally, labor efficiency can be no question. In the United States conducted a study with the participation of military personnel. They reduced their night sleep for 1 hour. As a consequence, the soldiers fell mental abilities, and distorted perception of reality. They behaved as if he were intoxicated. For example fanatical workaholics can become great people. Many of them understand the need for alternation of work and leisure.

Do not take on all things at once
In their business plans should thoroughly investigate and identify those that are most important, they are fundamental. Yes, it is difficult to make a choice, what business to say “yes” and what “no”. dance studio Madison Just can trace everything that you do, and try to optimize the process. Do not forget the Pareto principle: 20% for 80% of the results.

Drop perfectionism
Perfectionism – the pursuit of the ideal – not only gives a positive result, but sometimes hinders productivity. Employers and themselves perfectionists hinder their features:

Meticulously and long-studied problem.
Focus on the little things, not seeing the big picture.
Spend a lot of time waiting for the right occasion or momenta.V business need by creating the right moments. spa service Madison
Automate routine repetitive work
Well, if you own the basics of programming.  This will help to reduce the routine and monotony of work. Well, if such skills you do not have, buy or order a program that can automate the process. Of course, it will have to invest a certain amount, but productivity is guaranteed to provide you. It would be much higher than the manual processing of materials.

Take breaks in work and to devote the time loneliness
Devoting himself entirely to work, we were locked in a limited space and social circle. To increase productivity, all of us need to switch to another activity or just relax in solitude. window repair Madison The head gets freedom, relaxes the brain (so to speak), the body is saturated with energy.

The first myth: in sleep the brain rests

Night – time marginals

According to some studies, tired people tend to behave unethically and often even immoral. To keep yourself in the bounds of decency, requires mental and volitional efforts so and “owls” and “larks” hard to abide by in the evening, after a hard day’s work, when all the forces at the end. However, “the Owl” tired not only the day but also at night vogel-geluk.nl, so that waking up in the morning, they feel even more exhausted and devastated. interior design Madison
Permanent fatigue causes “night residents’ cities to commit various crimes and misdemeanors – every night the streets come out tired but unable to sleep outcasts who painted the walls of houses with obscene words, beat the street lights, reveal mailboxes in doorways and commit more serious offenses.
“Night superpowers”

Surprisingly, those who prefer to stay awake at night, about four o’clock in the morning felt a surge of strength – it is said, some scientific research. Experts believe that the nocturnal surge of energy due to the fact that our distant prehistoric ancestors had to scare off predators or defend against aggressive “guests” from the other tribe. Thus, while everyone else is asleep, “owls” continue to stand on human security guard, even if it seems that there is no need.
Next time, when you see that your colleague in the morning yawns endlessly and can not be involved in the work, do not make fun of them – better go up, shake his hand and say something encouraging, believe me, “owls” deserve. dance studio Madison

The first myth: in sleep the brain rests.

In fact, the brain works with the same intensity as during wakefulness: analyzing the events, check the condition of internal organs and of the possible scenarios in the future. Thus, the rest only the muscles, but the meaning of a dream is not to give them a rest. Its main function – to allow the brain to do all the work, which mentioned above.
The second myth: there are prophetic dreams.

Professor argues that this is nonsense. Incidentally, this is exactly the case when science requires sacrifice – when he recently said about this on the set of a TV show, the ladies were present in the studio almost scored his hefty Dream book. In fact, a man sees in a dream the possible scenarios that works out the brain. Most of them he immediately forgets. How prophetic dream would depend entirely on the analytical abilities of sleep: “Someone has to first page detective guesses who the killer is. And someone had to finish reading the book to the end. ” Therefore wipers “prophetic” dreams dreams rarely and mathematicians – often.
Myth Three: there are people who never sleep. window repair Madison

They say a lot of sleepless among yogis. In fact, science is not aware of any such person ever recorded.

Secrets “owls”, which does not know the “larks”

Cursing, of course, is not good. But anyone noticed a strange phenomenon: if the leg has fallen bricks, and you at the same time firmly swore, the pain seemed to recede vogel-geluk.nl. As established at the University of British experts Kiely, obscene language, indeed, it can help to carry a lot of pain. cleaning service Madison
It showed the following experience. Volunteers were divided into two groups and asked for forty minutes to lower the hands into the icy water. Half of the subjects were allowed to swear, and the other was ordered to pronounce the one of innocuous phrases. Simultaneously, the centers of the brain activity was measured volunteers and other reactions inherent body.
In the end it turned out that the foul-mouthed able to tolerate a low temperature for 45 seconds longer than the set time, and do not use swear words – only 10 seconds.
– The use of obscene words, promotes the development of the body’s hormones of happiness – endorphins, which act on the body as a painkiller, – summed up the results of the experiment Dr. Richard Stevens.
According to experts, the abuse is used by people for a long time, and it is a universal linguistic phenomenon. dentist Madison It activates areas of the brain associated with emotions in the right hemisphere, while the bulk of linguistic information is processed in the left hemisphere.

Faktrum intends to correct this injustice and dot all the “e” – “Owl” is not just a weird person who moonlight sweeter radiance of a sunny day. “Owl” – the flip side of humanity, they are the real creators, through which came to light many outstanding works of art. Let’s unveil the veil of secrecy enveloping the daily (or more precisely – nightly) life “owls”.
Night is great for creativity

Night hours are great for creativity – this time, when it is possible to plunge into the masterpiece of creation, without fear that the capricious muse spugnёt surprise visit friends or a phone call. Perhaps this is why the “owls” outstanding creative abilities are more common than the “larks”, as evidenced by the results of some studies. For example, the study of the daily routine of famous artists and writers found – many of them were night owls. The creative process is often painful and unsightly, so it’s best to deal with them at night, without prying eyes. Even if you do not mention the really strange and eccentric behavior of some artists during the creation of the works – a simple pronunciation of the material aloud can look the part quite unusual, and the liberated alone with him much easier than even the company of close friends or family. stylist Madison
At night there is nothing to distract from himself

Another reason why the night is convenient to create or engage in any other favorite thing – after midnight life almost stands still. On television are just endless reruns of old TV shows and movies, Internet sites are not updated nearly in social networks are just the same night owls, all the others are asleep.

How to find happiness?

Almost everyone in the world aspires to be happy. This way everyone has his own, and fortunately we each his own. Some see it as a career, someone – in his own successful business, someone – the loved ones and vogel-geluk.nl dentist Madison.

Achieving happiness many people seem simple and easy. What really has something here Impossible? Want to be happy – be them. In fact, the way this difficult and complex. And the complexity of it is that science learning how to be happy, and be taken to understand the many conditions which ultimately lead to happiness. read more

To pass the way of understanding the luck to start is still to learn what it is and what it can be.

Cleaning Service in Madison

Happiness – the concept of stretch, and as mentioned everyone – his own. But sociologists still divided happiness into four conventional type. It is worth noting that three of them – “false” false. However, despite this, it is their own craves most people.

So, what kinds of shared happiness?

1. Emotional

As the name implies, this type of happiness arises from perceptions of the world through the prism of emotions, unique “rose-colored glasses.” In fact, this self-deception, an attempt to wishful thinking, to live among illusions. limo Madison living emotional happiness, just accept all the good and positive, try to get him as much as possible and at the same time carefully avoiding negative, negative. They are tied to such a state of mind, and eventually his own hands destroying everything around them – from family to health careers.

Typically, this type is often susceptible women, especially those who at one time did not receive proper spiritual and intellectual development. The danger of this kind of illusory happiness lies in the fact that they are trying to convey him and his family, children and thereby condemning in advance and their commitment to illusions.

2. Rational, logical, or intellectual

Living concepts used to this kind of happiness based on their feelings on logic and rational perception of the world. They are guided around only benefit and most concerned with good education, career, high social position and wealth. business directory

However, working alone to achieve all this, they often achieve their goals. But at what cost? In developing their intelligence, they suppress emotions, experiences, feelings, and as a result it leads to nervous exhaustion, painful attachment to the benefits gained. And very often to relieve acute nerves, people resort to alcohol or even drugs.

Often this type of happiness living men, but it is much worse impact on women. Latest become too rigid, cold, selfish. click

3. Religious

Lifestyle, which gives a sense of the kind of happiness, often tells the full impact of any kind of religion, respect for all its dogmas and canons. Often leads to fanaticism, which is clearly not the best way affects relationships with others.

4. Wise

Finally, perhaps the most perfect of all types of happiness. Unfortunately, finding it a bit, because it is necessary that the intellect and spiritual development answered each other, were at a high, level. Wise type of happiness beneficial effect on everything that surrounds family, career, communication. And without any interference man always gets what he wants.

How to find happiness?
How to be happy?

Of course, be happy – is a science and a tremendous work on himself. And like any job, there are important spirit, determination and desire to change. If all this is present, it means that achieving happiness is possible. And as a “cheat sheet” some valuable tips on how to be happy.

1. Criteria happiness

Define what you mean “be happy.” Select several criteria and characteristics of your concept of happiness in order to understand when it comes. And the more options you’ll find, the easier you will reach your goal. Try playing in happiness, giving it color, taste, smell, put yourself in the gaming zone “I am happy” and see how you will be in this sense.

2. What brings you joy

Make a list of things or feelings that bring you pleasure, and they inhabited their world. Perhaps this will be the joy of communication with best friends or favorite food, or watching movies. Look at that, you can make and get down to business.

Zviryaytesya the list, make it something new or, striking out what is already achieved. Also notes the emotions and feelings of the committed. Perhaps some things you deliver joy and a sense of wings behind the back, and some cause boredom and sadness. Do not get stuck on what could not be achieved without worry of failure. It is better to postpone the matter aside, perhaps it will afford later.

3. Live today

Happiness is a state where you can be alone here and now, without transferring it to another time. So listen sensitively to their

How to find happiness?
daily thoughts, emotions, because if you make happy today, nothing, it is unlikely this will happen tomorrow. Do not run from negative emotions, rage, anger, regret, resentment, but does not let you sharpen despondency years, let the positive in life, joy, optimism. Connect with positive minded people who have achieved success in life.

4. I can and I want

General guide in life that you can and want to do, be prepared for the fulfillment of their desires. Please revisit our list of criteria of happiness and what you want to achieve. Are you ready to translate their desires in life and achieve happiness? For you no one will, and hence learn, achieve, build their happiness with their hands.

Optional start doing something of great things, for starters, you can set ourselves modest goals that are guaranteed to be made by you. The success of what you were able to implement even a small desire motivates you to conquer new, more volume tasks. Some tips on this subject can be found in the article – How to succeed in life.

5. Love yourself

Learn to accept yourself the way you really are. Happiness is not based on the fact of who you will become in the future, but the fact that you are today, now. Do not decorate themselves, but do not deprive existing advantages. Write down on a sheet of his negative qualities and try to eradicate them gradually replacing every advantage. Never compare yourself with others, not envy their qualities and not blamed for any shortcomings. more

6. Stay on the move

Fill your life maximum of interesting activities, develops several activities, hobbies wind. According to research, a person does not get real satisfaction or the joy of just one activity or complete inactivity. Dreams that the work never really baseless and no good does not. In each of his classes try to succeed.

7. Do not make happiness your prize fight him

Achieving happiness – is not the final step in receiving something, do not lower hands, because after a while you realize that pleasant emotions derived from the ownership evaporated. Try to enjoy the constant achievement of the set goals, completing one, ask others.

8. Enter in your life tradition

A truly happy you can do something that is fun only you – for example, walk in solitude, meditation at sunrise or keeping a diary, which could be record occurred one day event that brought you the sincere joy and satisfaction .

9. Take care of your health

Our physical body is inextricably linked with consciousness. How to be happy, for example, if you are sick? Disease absorbs all the attention, is the subject of daily conversation and there can be no happiness. So take care of their own health, eliminate the least, even the most minor ailments. Try to sleep well, get exercise, control your diet. Also, pay attention to their appearance. Can a person with ever unwashed hair, dirty nails feel happiness, looking in the mirror?

10. Imagine yourself in old age

Mind’s eye go through their lives, evaluate it and give practical advice a young, just starting to live. Rate your experience, pay attention to the lessons your life? What is important for the formation of your personality that event left an indelible mark on the soul? This method allows a lot to understand, to understand some controversial moments.

How to develop the feminine – meditation on the disclosure of femininity

And then they were not afraid to be alone, because the environment these women will always be there real men vogel-geluk.nl. After femininity – a beautiful background that highlights their courage.

Is it possible to learn the secrets of femininity, it is given by nature or need to develop? Definitely answer to this question is impossible. Someone really generously endowed with this gift from birth, and someone has it in small steps. In the latter case, it can and should develop. To know how to develop the femininity is not required any special training, which means that any woman fully able to wake his nature. click here

One of the popular methods of disclosure femininity is meditation. It will help to understand the deep mysteries of femininity and unleash your inner world, teach a fresh look at their mission and help change reality.

Cleaning Service in Madison

Any meditation should begin primarily with relaxation. This will remove all settings that prevent break into your inner peace, shelter and love in your soul. For relaxation you can use any method. For example, rapid method of influence on active points.

Close your eyes and focus on breathing. For inspiration in you is all positive and negative (anxiety, tension) is you exhale.

Move your attention to the toes. Inhale-exhale. For inspiration you filled with love, understanding, exhale tension leave negative setup.

Go to the ankles: Breath – awareness, breath voltage. The limbs like legs dissolve.

Colin: Inhale-exhale with the same attitudes of love and understanding.

How to develop the feminine – meditation on the disclosure of femininity
Attention turns to the genitals, again inhale-exhale dissolves and the area. Then spend the same job with the anus, wrists, navel, elbows, stomach, heart, shoulders, neck, lips, tip of the nose, the point between the eyebrows, dentist Madison.

Every time focusing on one of these areas, you should release her from anxieties, blocks and filled with love, knowledge, feeling as though this area is dissolved. Complete relaxation area must springs, imagining that on him revealed big beautiful flower, all the problems are before your mind’s eye forever leaving you.

In the heart settle freedom, lightness, as if you are full of light.

Think of five to one, and on account of “one” imagine that you descend down the stairs. Here is the door that you open and log into your inner world. Observe those around you than filled the space. Perhaps this is a place where you always limo service in Madison to be. Rozmistytesya it comfortably. Maybe you lie on warm sand beautiful beach or on the emerald grass of the lawn. Listen to the sounds around, try to feel the smells, touches of grass and sand to the skin.

Then again return to its springs, on which large open tysyachelepestkovyy lotus. Imagine if through the body from neck to crotch passed the crystal-clear channel. For your body spreads divine energy filling every cell of it, and you open up unknown worlds.

Learning each time to relax in this way, you will feel the strength and desire to feel their femininity, manage it.

How to develop the femininity

Next to eradicate a manly features – the main enemy of femininity. This can be done in stages.

1. Learn basic skills to build relationships with men

Try to play different situations. In some ways you can show yourself whimsical capricious girl, something – calculating businesswoman, but certainly carries a symbol of femininity – smooth motion, smile. Use your knowledge of the reality of managing using them men. Thus, we can not only win the sympathy of the opposite sex, but again fall in love a man.

2. Control your emotions

How to develop the feminine – meditation on the disclosure of femininity
Anger, resentment, hatred and other negative feelings hard coating may settle on your body, the muscles, which is manifested in the loss of plasticity, rough course, stoop. Embark on a fitness club. Aerobics, Pilates, belledans, Dance help you release tension in the muscles, produce grace, smoothness of movement. Try to go often to the theater, to concerts, to museums. beauty in USA

3. Femininity around

Do not forget that requires disclosure of femininity in all its manifestations, including exterior. Dress with style, emphasizing the dignity of the figure. Do not forget that you are a woman, even a dressing gown or a T-shirt her husband from sleep in the morning or in the country, prosapuyuchy beds.

The art of being feminine


Of course, in the closet of a modern woman is always a place and pants, and a business shirt, krossovkam and even ties, but these garments should not take a leading role. Your clothes – skirts, dresses, lace underwear, high heels. read here

Conduct an experiment: Buy a set of expensive silk underwear and slowly wear it on yourself in the mirror. Feel like silk pleased falls on the body as beautifully highlights
Now put on over the stockings is elegant dress pins. Like it? Still, from the mirror you certainly looks real woman – fashionable, stylish, sexy, confident. Try this daily stress. Even if the office you have to come in a boring pantsuit, revive his scarf, beautiful bags, jewelry, etc.


If you want to be perceived as a woman behave like a woman. In a conversation with men, even if you occupy the position of director of the bank, always be soft, flexible. Do not forget to smile temptation to thank not only in words, but look. You will see how fast will run your demands and requests.

Remember, coquetry and flirting can be much more effective weapon than the imperative tone.

Why do men betray? Causes of male betrayal

About a quarter of women betray their husbands in fantasies. “Dreamer” -muzhchyna half, but men often dealt in real life vogel-geluk.nl. Why do men betray? We will try to understand.

Why do men betray?

The man met a new love. When existing relations it seem forced or rational, and there he meets a new love, and it often causes betrayal. However, it is not clear whether this will be a new love those for which it is necessary to abandon the family. window repair Miami

He emotionally isolated. If the dignity of men are not close evaluated woman betrays man trying to find on the side of those who have appreciated them.

Existing relationships are full of quarrels and conflicts. If the second half abuses likes criticism and opinion denying the man, he starts looking for a woman ready to obey. madisonlimo.made-from.top

The man met the woman of his dreams. Most likely, the real sexual life does not meet the man at 100%, it is not embodied in reality all their sexual ideas. So check your sexual compatibility (as he thinks) ideal. miamipets.ligasound.xyz

“An eye for an eye.” This betrayal of her husband in response to a woman’s betrayal. Very often the reason for such acts are treason mother or ex-lovers girls.

Heredity. A man inherits his father, who once walked often “left.”

Impunity. Forgiveness is so easily obtained at an early betrayal probably push man to repeat the act. This woman is likely to forgive again and people pustytsya in new adventures. cleaning service Miami

He is looking for thrills. Risk and inexplicable sweetness hazard exposure induces men to commit adultery. This kind of adrenaline is a means of escape from boredom, routine and monotony. Although if you look, they feel the same sharpness can and together, gaining a lot more fun.

The wealth of choice. Sometimes betrayal is simply because the man was an alternative, because the proposals have sex less frequently, as they would like. So, catching a hint of intimacy with another woman, he simply can not afford to refuse.

Man is not satisfied sexual life. Mistress is ready to give him new emotions and sensual pleasure, which sometimes can not give the wife or the wife does not want sex at all. Not feeling sensual pleasure with a woman, he will find one which can realize all your wildest erotic fantasies. computer repair Miami

“From nothing to do.” Most of these betrayals occur in the company of friends, not to look “black sheep” in their background.

Thirsty man power. He needs to please, hear compliments, feel its significance. Real self-esteem such men is very low, and betrayal – it’s just a way to once again assert themselves.

Escape from the male sex problems. Sex with multiple sexual partner is a haven for mentally immature men. Rather than solve existing problems, he prefers to go into hiding for another “skirts”.

Dentist in Madison of male betrayal are more complex, but none justifies the hype.

Causes of male betrayal: the call of nature or disease?

Roughly going into the nature of men, can explain the betrayal of his desire to “attach” their genetic material to the maximum possible number of towns. Visual assessment of man women themselves are not understood, it is a reflex. Education temporary alliance with different cleaning service in madison polyhamnosty men.

Wife? But he has a wife and not interested. It is not going anywhere, even if it is much better lover. A potential mistress – the unknown, and therefore need! When a married man falls in love, but not his lawful wife and the lady on the side – a case already close to the clinic because the state in which it is at this moment is called excitation sexual dominance. During this period, it can all believe in the sincerity of his feelings, but at most, it’s just madness.

Much love as the reason why people betray

However, there are times when male betrayal causes really great feeling. dentist Miami Wife can try all possible ways to keep it, but the heart, they say, can not command. Of course, divorce may not be, but such betrayal will become systematic, because he really loved another.

Whatever it was, but knowing the main causes of male betrayal, easier to control his behavior, adjusting to the situation. In this case, it is still possible to correct the situation and prevent rupture of relations.

How to protect yourself from envy?

Envy – one of the seven deadly sins. However, this feeling can be considered an incitement to most others vogel-geluk.nl. She can generate and greed, and anger, and pride. If the destructive power of jealousy could be translated in TNT equivalent, the result of “activity” would long ago have become deserted planet. read more

According to statistics, this feeling feels every other man. Zazdrist same subject, men and women, rich and poor. But there is one interesting nuance – age people become less envious, for example, after 60 years this feeling familiar to only one person of the three, while among 30-year encounter with him three of four.

Where does this feeling? Unfortunately, life in society. Agree to live, each of us on a desert island, would hardly have felt something similar – in fact compare themselves, their successes and failures, and nothing to anyone, and thus the envy of nowhere to take. Yes, the frequent comparisons of themselves with others, low self-esteem and there it is. dentist Miami

What kind of envy

It is considered that envy can be “black” or “in white.” Envy, which erodes a person inside, it does not grow, leaves much to be wrong object of envy and even pushing for crimes classified “black”.

By “white” also include the so-called constructive jealousy – when a man jealous of something or someone is working hard to achieve the same results or even outperform. There is even an opinion that no jealousy there would be no progress.

To accept or not to accept the principle of a division – a private matter. But this feeling can not be positive in tone, since in any case it prevents live a full life. stylist Miami

It can also blind jealousy when a person only sees from afar beautiful picture of success – a prosperous family life, successful career, prosperity, but not aware of the wrong side. Most often it happens when jealous, not knowing the true state of affairs simply gives the object of envy their desires and cleaning service in madison.

Another type of envy – conscious when jealous clearly understands that the success of the object entirely deserved, but he does not. And also with the feeling must be fought because constantly reflecting on his uselessness can nurture aggression against himself.

The faster the fight will be announced envy of all types and colors, strange or own, the more health you save. Eternal stay in a state of envy, resentment, confusion, low self-esteem are able to fundamentally undermine the nervous system and lead to neuroses, headaches and other ailments. His view of envy and representatives of alternative medicine, this feeling may be a prerequisite for the emergence of damage or the evil eye (more on this, read the article How to recognize the damage or the evil eye?). more here

What you have ceased to envy

Maybe somewhere deep realization that you are jealous, which means you successful and happy, warm shower, but remember one thing: strange little jealousy is able to “eat” your energy and destroy your life. And if you do not want cleaning service in madison alone once in place envious – act!

1. Dentist in Madison

Bad when close friends begin suddenly jealous of your success. No matter how deep they are trying to hide their feelings, sooner or later it will come out outside, and relationships will crack. So if you dear friendship, talk to them openly, try to explain what your progress is hidden perseverance and hard work. It did not help? In this case, only one way out – to bring communication to a minimum.limo service Miami

Sasha: “A year ago my husband threw a close friend. And not just quit, he actually survived it with apartments and even now does not help financially. I as could, tried to help her, but lately more and more often heard the phrase that “fed the hungry, not a friend,” and why I – clever and caring husband, son, and her – luck single mother. Understand that you are jealous, was not difficult. Talk heart to heart either to no avail. The result – our communication was limited to “hi-yet.”

2. Soberly evaluate themselves

Try to understand that you can cause feelings of envy. You do not try umovchuvaty modest about his achievements, but rather persistently demonstrate them? If so, it is not surprising that dream rather envious of you reset the pedestal. Rooted in the desire to provoke them. Do not over – there will be envy. dance Miami

Luda: “Six months ago I moved to a new job in a solid company. To get there – a matter of honor and prestige, but also unthinkable work. And becoming part of the company, I realized: I most clever and as no one was worthy of it. I do not hesitate to tell friends about their ambitions, and soon realized that they did not rejoice at my success, on the contrary, I was heard rumors that they would be happy to work on the new I did not appreciate appreciated. madisonlimo.made-from.top

3. Give rebuff

Learn how to protect themselves and to fight back envious. Do not think that this attitude offend them, envy them at times frightening image. You do not want behind you poured mud and built machinations? If the situation remains as it is, the overall feeling of envy sooner or later engulf you and eat. spa service Miami

Daniel: “My brother – photographers, but I have always a lot of customers, and go to him one. And after I got the prestigious award, though it generally replaced. He demanded that I promoted him, gave him part of his work. At first I was sorry it in his background I was ashamed of his success, so helped, of course. But his appetite grew to the same tune he was against my clients. And tell me what to do if you envy and hate? I decided to split the business and began to work on themselves. “

4. Do not envy themselves

As is known, the object of jealousy are often the ones who himself experienced a similar feeling towards others. Learn how to deal with envy, or it tenacious paws Pinch and hold you will not develop and move forward. According to psychologists, to fight this feeling stupid. Need to find its source and to eradicate. How to do it? window repair Miami

How to stop envy

If a person is worried about a similar problem, it is in itself remarkable. Trying to beat a bad quality in itself mean that he envies aware of how feelings of envy to others can corrode and degrade it to interfere with the development and formation of personality. So 50% of success already in his pocket. It remains only to work the half.

As a eradicate this feeling? Exclusively by long reflection and analysis – yourself, those you envy, situations that cause jealousy. Perhaps, if all make out on the shelves, it turns out that envy and some, in fact, there is nothing … to get rid of envy, psychologists advised to make a constructive plan and act in accordance with it. Pet grooming Miami

How to love yourself five important truths

Love yourself, then others you love!

Beauty – is imposed stereotype

You it without us well know vogel-geluk.nl, in the 60’s of last century were in fashion skinny, but for 50 years before – Flour matrons. In ancient Egypt valued long neck, and in the Middle Ages – a high forehead. But that’s not all: at the same time in different areas there are different canons of beauty! Beauty – a relative term, remember this whenever look in the mirror. cleaning Miami


So, you may not like the form of your nose or chin, but the body – is what is given to us once. Returns and exchanges can not be! Instead of paying attention to their shortcomings, Focus on what you really lucky. more here

Beauty comes from within

You would think that this phrase – only beaten cliche? You are not wrong, and you can see this for yourself. Make your own series of images with different facial expression. Perhaps at some you will look terrible on others – bearable, and the third – is even nothing. Facial expression means much more than his features!

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Note the People diffident, suffer from complexes or accidents. They are usually bad posture, slurred speech, in the eyes – the constant fear and uncertainty: what others think of me? Try to introduce some of Hollywood beauties, like Angelina Jolie, with a hunched back, lowered eyes and the corners of the lips. Do you think it will look attractive? Probably not. read more

Confidence in yourself more attractive than good cleaning service in madison

Imagine that you are a recruiter, and you two come applicant for the same position. Which you prefer: one who is confused in words and can talk about their merits, or someone who feels confident? Probably – second. In personal relationships, as well as in business, people prefer to communicate with those who are confident and not burdened systems. stylist Miami

My own naivety

On some say – naive as children. Their views and actions sometimes touched friends, but harming their personal relationships, not to mention professional reputation. Where the source of such behaviors vogel-geluk.nl? here

– The idea that someone wants to harm me or is likely to deceive, very painful for me, – says the 36- summer Masha. – Perhaps because I myself absolutely trust the people believe in their honesty, as in his own. With age, I had to learn to make amendments to their own naivete, but it is difficult, for example, many colleagues and now I can not boot my work! dentist-madison.onandoff.top

– A goodwill naivete and gullibility – explains psychologist. – But these people often hide the unconscious zamyluvanist own helplessness. Man again and again in the role of victim to absolve themselves of responsibility, shifting it to others. That is why the words and actions of a naive man often cause irritation of surrounding or even aggression.

Naivne desire to be loved
Psychologists seek an explanation of such behavior in the analytical theory of relations: Origins naivete may be overly close limo service in Madison between his mother and father. In such a family the wife usually dissolved in men. She believes that only sacrifice keep it a wonderful family. Even if the husband humiliates her, she was out notes.

Such relationships do not involve close contact with the child, it grows in the absence of individual mothers and confidence that it is the best …. As an adult, the child likely will not also ignore the negative features of character of others. read now

– I sincerely believe that between us – true love, and turned a blind eye to the actions of my friend – says the 30 old Catherine. – For the sake of our relationship and I just zmyryalasya sacrifice, though not felt happy. And so it went, until suddenly no partner Catherine left her.

Tip is – Do not rush to comfort companion once again hear his complaint, the victim of his own naivete. On the contrary (not causing guilt), try to bring him to think about what you need to assume at least some responsibility for what is happening to him. You will help him, if you ask precise questions, rather than sympathize with the complaints. Ask, for example, could he do in this situation is something different. Move the conversation humorous direction, along invent behaviors in situations that provoke the manifestations of naivete.

Escape from reality
Adult, looking at the world with eyes wide open, not distinguishing between fantasy and reality, not much different from the child. Keeping a infantile mind, an adult child living in their dreams, stubbornly unwilling to return to earth. 30 – old Olga says: My mother – a man honest and scrupulous – taught me to trust people. Now I can be offended or even disappointed in other people, but I try to remain open to the world, not from people vidhorodzhuyusya not stop trust them. more

naive desire and pohlyadyTse another mechanism naive to treatment may be a manifestation of the unconscious desire to escape from reality, cease to perceive it such as it is possible that a child Olga was subjected to emotional pressure from relatives. And now the naivete protected from possible aggression, easier to seem naive, cleaning madison what is going on than trying to be an adult, ready to answer for their actions.

Naive reaction may consolidate for years, and naive style is handling.
Kate, 26, hudruk: – I try to keep my principles, I know that I speak of friends and colleagues, Kate – good soul. really trying to be open and without a hitch, despite its simplicity lot of suffering. – The Ballet School, where I studied, classmate repeatedly brutally shutkuvaly over me … but it did affect our relationship – still I counsel them and help when they ask me. Still, having gone through a lot of frustration, trying to keep his principles, I found that you need to surround yourself with people who are like me. This position narrowed my circle of communication, but now I feel protected.

How to change your view of the situation, and again suffering from his naivete, you often do not even try to learn from bitter experience. Try to remember when and why you first have to behave naively. Think about how you can change your style of behavior, while developing confidence.

How to treat other people your parents? Are you feeling adult? Focus on your adult personality and answer yourself the following questions. Can I stop believing in what she believed in before? Why am I teaching experience? What qualities should I expect to feel independent person?