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Problem minorities

During the walk on my favorite places was thrown to the site (usually I just go out on such sites) where my attention initially detained the name of your favorite band and then … then eyes fell on very Fine young man who is dentist in madison¬†for a couple … and she called partner ! Lonely girl in the following points should quietly

let a tear. And I have a stupid question – and this guy … looking guy vogel-geluk.nl?

And then I asked myself is another – as it probably difficult? I first wondered how hard the representatives of sexual minorities to live in our society, that they not only understand, but also to condemn, but also pursued according to law. We live in a civilized time. Do not think I now do not mean such deviations as rape and seduction of children, namely homosexuality as normal human behavior. read

Is this the norm for modern man, or is it still reject? And as representatives of sex minorities to survive in our society? This is a question with a long history, rich as aggression and tolerance, and to this day it remains open.

Cleaning Service in Madison argue that homosexuality – is not a pathology nor mental disabilities. And the only alternative to the usual standards of conduct. Although medicine is officially recognized normality as if homosexuals are not officially still remained outcasts, the subject of jokes and gossip. Television, parents, teachers, school and university – they repeat – to be homosexual is not just bad – this is unacceptable! Therefore, confess to yourself that you are bad, incredibly difficult. At some time in their lives homosexual himself understands that he attracted to the same sex and can not do anything with it. But not all homosexuals are willing to admit themselves in their trains. Under the limo Madison of society and the inner circle, they go out to suppress a sexual attraction to live such a life is called normal. Such people marry or marry, have children, build a family. And like all nothing. Here are just latent homosexual will always feel that his life is something wrong. He is something lacking, not enough, or it will simply unhappy fate of the one he chose for himself … plus at least one person (wife / husband) will suffer. info

But even if a homosexual himself admitted the fact that he feels the trains to find happiness it is much harder than we are with you. How to find a mate in such a cruel world? A friend told me that between them there is a connection and when are homosexuals, they just know each other.

Buffet and zhinkyAle, say that he had just realized that feels trains. Experience with like-minded with him yet. How then? Feel the vibes? But what is the guarantee that the guy does not get hit in the jaw by his friend, for such thoughts? Because minorities are hiding. Write ad, and learn in-HETE, go to clubs – to get acquainted with his love, say, in the library, it is practically impossible. And then, have found that the only one who wants to spend the rest of his days or even brighten a few years, they have to constantly hide. Because this is not the fullness of relationship that is recognized in the society pairs.

And another problem – to bring relatives and friends that you are normal. In most movies I saw only one model of behavior – when parents learn that their child is not like all – it immediately expelled in disgrace and completely renounced it. Much smaller movies that received him as he is. Although in fact, is it important? Well, lucky son of a man, but it’s nothing to do! Grandchildren? Grandchildren can adopt! If you want your? Nowadays you can find a woman ready to make a baby. What is the problem? And that in relations with parents there is an invisible wall of misunderstanding. And parents, following their beliefs, and opinions on how to react to them society ready to build this wall seriously injure – medicine (Activity psychiatrist) the power to force him to abandon his preference. more

And to survive in society? Sometimes, sipping your favorite coffee, I like noticing a couple immediately talked about his observations to his companion, which sat at the table. Fortunately another finger at them Tikal (or some might). I am now ashamed of his behavior. It behaves well over half the local population. Although that difference to me that these people in the sexual sphere? Well, he prefers a man, so what? Why look to his bed and make the discussion? Do not judge …

I fear that such a couple go about openly in the street, home she would not come. Alas, in my town is a fact. And in the civilized world in general, homosexuals are still exposed to persecution.

So in some countries it is forbidden:

– To be a donor;
– Officially register their relationship;
– To work in certain professions;
Relations prosecuted by law (!).

In general, what can I say, homosexuals can only sympathize.

Life – clearly not sugar.