Tournament Fishing

Brook in a couple of meters wide at the Minsk Upland, near the village of Hayn, stubbornly gets to the Berezina River through the territory of Borisov and Smolevichi districts. In the lower reaches of the river Gaina wider – up to 10 meters. And also tenacious branch Gainy Online: There is already 10 years old.

Pikes, bream, chub, perch, roach, caught perch, burbot, ide and extremely rare Red trout.

In the spring
“Where is the river you can go?” – The main issue of April. And helpers respond. In the day, clearly, the river is available. But before the Berezina large spills. Though not pick it pleases: hence spawning will take place normally. The confluence of the river Cna in Hayn in this period one of the most popular. It attracts many mention lifting the ban on pike. And turns, meanders, oxbow lake near the pumping station are not deserted. However, contrary to science and experience, the biggest pike caught somehow on flat plateaus. On the same site near the bridge in the roach Zembin off the shelf, but, as usual, “it was yesterday┬╗ smile. And today on the forum many converted reproach: to celebrate, exhibit several rods, catch the breeze and do not return it to the water.

In summer
Fishers need not kilometers, and the fish and nature. There and then, and more. In June and July the main search – for pike. It is believed that she was at that time near the shore in the grass. It is necessary that only the weather, “Pike” was best – rain with the wind, or just dull. But once at the time it is not necessary. Some see the cause of their failure in the summer full moon. Gently advise spinning a crank Pontoon 21. They say, can bring 2 kg. toothy .. considered promising place without grass and a depth of over one meter. We must beware of beaver holes when fishing from shore. “Chip” of the season – in June, on the popper, 3.6 kg was caught chub. Photo attached. Perhaps even a place on a picture to determine possible.

Gaina River

In the autumn
Boats run from the village days before mining and back. “The banks all pegs” – said one of the fans. The raid on the pike is conducted mainly with bait fish. Many try to go fishing with ultralight. However, according to experienced, knows only the local point where it is necessary to throw the tackle. However, note that the rod, resting in the water, does not prevent enjoy solitude on the river along with the healing fresh air and the beauty of unspoiled nature. In Zembin area, behind the bridge, peck, not only ubiquitous goby, ruffe and gudgeon, but jig crank predator c 3, 10 c., And can be a good fuck pike pike wink.

in winter
Reports early December, almost indistinguishable from the autumn. The same “leg hammering in the back” by thickets and marshy shores, the same unexpected joy from the parking lot of pike, and then live the “tails”, and gnawed tails crankbaits. Then the forum thread “freezes”. It can be seen, there is fishing on the ice, it is too dangerous for amateurs. The fact is that even in the second half of December, when the whole of the river in the ice, in a sufficiently thick shell is always a ravine by numerous ice-streams that feed the river. And the section of farmsteads Lolua that Ponizova before the village, the river never freezes. Probably on Heine Yet there are small places where wells are drilled. But, apparently, this is a big secret!