What you need for happiness: 7 things in the house that lift mood

A few things that will make you a little happier …

1. Green or yellow walls

Scientists from the University of Amsterdam concluded that these two colors evoke human happiness. However, our recommendation is: do not paint these bold colors the entire apartment. Quite fragments. miamiinterior.kkk-blog.xyz

2. Fresh flowers

Though there is nothing sadder than limo service madison a beautiful bouquet to fading (and for some it’s just a waste of money), scientists are advised to always have flowers at home. They cause a feeling of fullness of life, harmony and love. So do not ignore this advice.

3. Dentist in Madison

That touching moments recorded in photos (informal and not staged shots) should be placed in your apartment! A study done by experts from Portsmutskoho University, says that even a casual look at the warm family photos evoke positive emotions and a sense of peace. limo service Miami

4. Candles with vanilla madisonclean.onandoff.top

Smells great influence on our lives. The house should be filled with warm flavors. After analyzing the impact of odors on our psychological state, the researchers concluded that vanilla perfectly uplifting and soothing.

5. Personal blog

Surprisingly, in the era of computers psychologists still advise us to keep a diary. Even the shortest records allow not only to understand their own thoughts, but feelings. Especially useful to re-read old records, this activity calms and makes us happier. Try it! dance studio Miami

6. Pets

It is no accident we call a dog “best friend.” Studies Institute personality and social psychology, say that pets have a major impact on hosts, helps get cleaning service in madison the feeling of social exclusion and, ultimately, lead to better lives.

7. seasoned bed

It turns out that the habit of bed every morning helps fill tune in for the next day. According to a survey conducted Hunch.com, 71% of people who filled the bed every morning, consider themselves happy, while 62% of those who leave the bed disassembled, said they were unhappy. We believe that 1-2 minutes spent on bringing the bed in order – one of the easiest ways to feel happy. miami-windrepair.bestdomen.xyz