Why do men betray? Causes of male betrayal

About a quarter of women betray their husbands in fantasies. “Dreamer” -muzhchyna half, but men often dealt in real life vogel-geluk.nl. Why do men betray? We will try to understand.

Why do men betray?

The man met a new love. When existing relations it seem forced or rational, and there he meets a new love, and it often causes betrayal. However, it is not clear whether this will be a new love those for which it is necessary to abandon the family. window repair Miami

He emotionally isolated. If the dignity of men are not close evaluated woman betrays man trying to find on the side of those who have appreciated them.

Existing relationships are full of quarrels and conflicts. If the second half abuses likes criticism and opinion denying the man, he starts looking for a woman ready to obey. madisonlimo.made-from.top

The man met the woman of his dreams. Most likely, the real sexual life does not meet the man at 100%, it is not embodied in reality all their sexual ideas. So check your sexual compatibility (as he thinks) ideal. miamipets.ligasound.xyz

“An eye for an eye.” This betrayal of her husband in response to a woman’s betrayal. Very often the reason for such acts are treason mother or ex-lovers girls.

Heredity. A man inherits his father, who once walked often “left.”

Impunity. Forgiveness is so easily obtained at an early betrayal probably push man to repeat the act. This woman is likely to forgive again and people pustytsya in new adventures. cleaning service Miami

He is looking for thrills. Risk and inexplicable sweetness hazard exposure induces men to commit adultery. This kind of adrenaline is a means of escape from boredom, routine and monotony. Although if you look, they feel the same sharpness can and together, gaining a lot more fun.

The wealth of choice. Sometimes betrayal is simply because the man was an alternative, because the proposals have sex less frequently, as they would like. So, catching a hint of intimacy with another woman, he simply can not afford to refuse.

Man is not satisfied sexual life. Mistress is ready to give him new emotions and sensual pleasure, which sometimes can not give the wife or the wife does not want sex at all. Not feeling sensual pleasure with a woman, he will find one which can realize all your wildest erotic fantasies. computer repair Miami

“From nothing to do.” Most of these betrayals occur in the company of friends, not to look “black sheep” in their background.

Thirsty man power. He needs to please, hear compliments, feel its significance. Real self-esteem such men is very low, and betrayal – it’s just a way to once again assert themselves.

Escape from the male sex problems. Sex with multiple sexual partner is a haven for mentally immature men. Rather than solve existing problems, he prefers to go into hiding for another “skirts”.

Dentist in Madison of male betrayal are more complex, but none justifies the hype.

Causes of male betrayal: the call of nature or disease?

Roughly going into the nature of men, can explain the betrayal of his desire to “attach” their genetic material to the maximum possible number of towns. Visual assessment of man women themselves are not understood, it is a reflex. Education temporary alliance with different cleaning service in madison polyhamnosty men.

Wife? But he has a wife and not interested. It is not going anywhere, even if it is much better lover. A potential mistress – the unknown, and therefore need! When a married man falls in love, but not his lawful wife and the lady on the side – a case already close to the clinic because the state in which it is at this moment is called excitation sexual dominance. During this period, it can all believe in the sincerity of his feelings, but at most, it’s just madness.

Much love as the reason why people betray

However, there are times when male betrayal causes really great feeling. dentist Miami Wife can try all possible ways to keep it, but the heart, they say, can not command. Of course, divorce may not be, but such betrayal will become systematic, because he really loved another.

Whatever it was, but knowing the main causes of male betrayal, easier to control his behavior, adjusting to the situation. In this case, it is still possible to correct the situation and prevent rupture of relations.